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Franco Swatches

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Collection: Franco Spain by ESF

Stock status: Special Order Product
Franco Swatches
+To see the colors larger click on the images and/or save it to your computer.

G1 - These colors are lacquered finishes which can be applied to any item. They exist in both matt or high gloss finishes

EFECTO HIELO - "ICE EFECT" - Same price as G-1 MATT color.

LAMINADO ALTO BRILLO CON RECARGO - "HIGH GLOSS LEAF finish" request quotation from supplier.

G-ROBLES - NATURAL OAK WOOD VENEER COLORS only for ENZO COLLECTION. For other collections CONSULT both possibility and price with supplier.
All table and chair legs in wood finish are manufactured in solid beech wood. There is no wood grain, so plain flat and smooth surface with matching color stain only.

Type of Wood used:
MDF Fibralac for all lacquered items(This is an expensive MDF used normally in kitchens and bathrooms which facilitates the lacquered finishes)
Table legs, chairs, bench legs and small feet with curves are generally in solid beech.

Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
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