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Brands → MCS Italy by ESF

Italian manufacturer of bedroom and dining room furniture.


From raw material to finished product

The company, thanks to its advanced industrial complex, produces furniture directly from the transformation of the raw material to shipment, with enormous advantages in terms of production control and cost-effectiveness of the finished product.

At the forefront

Constant commitment is the research in trying to decipher the continuous transformation of society, which translates into new consumer needs to which we try to give the right answer, with products characterized by:

§ Current and pleasant design.

§ Excellent functionality and durability.

§ Unique quality / price ratio.

Practical, harmonious, intuitive


Our philosophy of furnishing is distinguished from the others through 4 fundamental principles, which characterize the desire of the modern family during the purchase of a particular product: convenience, durability, practicality, charm.


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Linosa Bed stock item
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Momo 2 Door Wardobe (10% OFF!) stock item
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All Dining room

All Wallunits

Oxford Wall Unit special order

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