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Evolution Mirror & Chairs, Italy

20% OFF!

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Collection: Status Italy

Stock status: Stock Product
Item Description
Perfect combination of matter and design. Exclusive details emphasize the strong contemporary personality.The Evolution project is enriched by
a precious handle that decorates the
entire collection.A wide range of components,
making the living cozier
and more practical.
*Color : Ivory & Wood
*Legs Color: Ivory
*Handle Color : Light Ivory

China: shelves are not adjustable.
Materials: Fabric, Wood-based panel, Glass
Finishes: Mat
Available Items   Dimensions
Evolution Chair (Microfiber)
(2 in a box)
Evolution Buffet Mirror
Evolution Chair (Microfiber)
(2 in a box)
Width 29"
Depth 20"
Height 46"
Evolution Buffet Mirror
Width 63"
Depth 1"
Height 34"
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