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Dining Room Furniture

Kitchen Tables and Chairs Sets

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Iron Table with Igni Chairs

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Collection: Nacher Spain

Stock status: Stock Product
Modern Table with 2 extensions that opens to 110 " and can fit up to 12 people. Durable ceramic top ( marble looking) , wooden legs on the table and chairs, light beige fabric on chairs.

Top : Ceramic - color Pulpis Series B

Structure : Walnut wood - Nogal

Chairs: Wood Nogal , Fabric XISPA 3 CAMEL Serie A

Materials: Fabric, Wood veneer, Wood-based panel, Marble and Marble looking
Finishes: Mat
Available Items   Dimensions
Iron Dining Table with 2 extentions
Igni chair
Iron Dining Table with 2 extentions
Width 70.87/90.55/110.24"
Depth 39.37"
Height 29.53"
Igni chair
Width 20.47"
Depth 23.23"
Height 40.55"
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