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Collection: Galla Poland

Stock status: Special Order Product
Item Description
The Re-lax convertible corner sofa with a bedding compartment is a large, expansive, comfortable piece of furniture that fits in well in spacious living rooms and leisure rooms. It has soft armrest cushions that can successfully function as a headrest when resting in supine position. It’s complemented by characteristic quilted backrest cushions that create a sense of softness and coziness.

Re-lax is a corner sofa for those who like classic shapes and value great comfort. It can be folded out for sleeping.

Convertible corner sofas with a bedding compartment – such as Re-lax – are ideal as a piece of furniture for resting in a sitting position and providing – from time to time – overnight accommodation for unexpected guests. In addition, the bedding compartment provides the ability to store blankets or pillows used from time to time.

variety of colors and configurations available for special order.

Leather color G-100
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish

Available Items   Dimensions
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