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Collection: Galla Poland

Stock status: Special Order Product
Item Description
Malpensa is a modern, expansive corner sofa for the living room that will accommodate your entire family. Adjustable headrests provide comfortable neck support and armchairs consisting in a soft cushion will allow you to rest comfortably in supine position.

The Malpensa corner sofa features the sleeping function and a bedding compartment in the ottoman. Those who prefer classics in low-key colours will surely find the Malpensa corner sofa in grey to their liking. When chosen in a powerful colour, this corner sofa will blend in well with modern interiors.

Variety of colors and configurations available for special order.

Leather color G-220
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
Available Items   Dimensions
OTMSL-2.5QFR optional cushions, fabric
OTMSL-2.5QFR optional cushions, fabric
Width 108"
Depth 80"
Height 37"
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