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KJ-7617 Intelligent AI voice control Massage Chair

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Color: blue & black or brown
1. Intelligent AI voice control
2. The short-cut keys design on the side armrest making it easier to operate
3. Wireless and wired fast phone charging
4. The ultra-long SL-shaped track covers comfortably from the head to thigh, and the bionic silicone massage head is soft and rebounds, making the massage more comfortable
5. Double intelligent body shape detection, automatic detection of shoulder width and body length, suitable for the whole family, personalized customization is more accurate
6. The new smart chip simulates the human brain, the massage technique and speed can be changed flexibly, and the massage can directly reach the sore point
7. Ten automatic modes can be switched at will: comfort mode, stretch mode, fatigue recovery, back mode, fast mode, vitality mode, deep mode, neck and shoulder mode, sleep mode, pain relief mode
8. A variety of massage techniques: double tapping, shiatsu massage, knocking massage, tuina massage, rub and knock massage, rub and knead massage
9. Using 3D simulation to simulate the manipulator, it is like a massage master personally massaging in all directions
10. Thai-style scraping massage technique on the sole of the foot, deep foot massage experience, release the fatigue of the day
11. The whole body is wrapped with airbags massage, which complement each other with massage robotic hand, helping body fatigue reducing
12. Back heating massage can promote blood circulation and make the massage effect reach the best state
13. The massage intensity can be adjusted in three levels, the massage speed can be adjusted in five levels, and the whole body airbags can be adjusted freely
14. The massage area can be adjusted freely: partial, fixed point, upper back, lower back
15. Double HIFI Bluetooth speakers, immersive music massage experience
16. Equipped with space capsule zero gravity function, and you can sit and enjoy the massage experience like floating, just like floating in the clouds, relaxed and comfortable
17. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted up and down, Chair angles can be adjusted to make the massage more comfortable
18. Unique calf rubbing massage technique + calf roller massage to relax leg muscles
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
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KJ-7617 Intelligent AI voice control Massage Chair
KJ-7617 Intelligent AI voice control Massage Chair
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