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Alicante white12+12+6

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A Massive Beautiful Glass Chandelier from the Alicante Collection. Includes 30 Lights.

Color: White

Finish: Shiny Silver
This elegant, 30 lights chandelier, 12 on the first level, 12 on the second level and 6 on the third level, is part of the Alicante Collection which features exquisite lighting pieces made, in this case, of white glass with silver accents decorated with Swarovski crystal. Perfect as dramatic chandelier, it is sure to be the center of attention on any classic home, making any occasion feel special.
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
Available Items   Dimensions
Alicante white12+12+6
Alicante white12+12+6
Width 46.8"
Depth 46.8"
Height 53.04"
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