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folding bed R-23

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Collection: Dupen Spain

Stock status: Special Order Product
Item Description
Folding Bed R-23 which can be useful for apartments where they don’t have much room.

Mattress holder in headboard and footboard
Foam mattress 9 cm high – color navy blue
Central wheels to move the bed easily

Damascus fabric
Made of very resistant damascus fabric. Nice soft and fresh fabric which helps to provide restful sleep.
Hygienic treatment – fabric treated against dust mites and bad odours, prolonging its useful life and promoting a well being feeling during sleep

Mattress core
25kg open-pore density, allowing proper transpiration and offering correct back support.

Wooden slats frame
Foldable beech slats frame, noise protection, round tube steel frame 30x30 mm.
Air circulation
Bed allows for easy free air circulation and prevents heat accumulation.
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
Available Items   Dimensions
Folding Bed R-23
Folding Bed R-23
Folding Bed R-23
Folding Bed R-23
Width 35.43"
Depth 74.8"
Height 10.63"
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