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Otto Leather Rug

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Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Special Order Colors, Brown/Wenge/Walnut, Red/Orange/Mahogany/Pink/Purple
Materials: Special Order Materials
Finishes: Special Order Finish
Item Description
100%LH Leather

Thank you for review.

Available Items   Dimensions
Otto 140x200
Depth: 0.118"
Otto 170x240
Depth: 0.118"
Otto 200x300
Depth: 0.118"
Otto 140x200
Width 79"
Depth 0.118"
Height 55"
Otto 170x240
Width 94"
Depth 0.118"
Height 67"
Otto 200x300
Width 118"
Depth 0.118"
Height 79"
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