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Geko Bed

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Collection: MCS Italy

Stock status: Stock Product
Item Description
If you want a European bedroom furniture that looks modern then this set is a sophisticated match for your taste. Every single piece is created in Italy. The intricate ornaments will not go ignored. The bed is an elegant beauty which is obvious by the mere sight of its long straight clean lines. Optional double dresser and a 4-Door wardrobe can be ordered for your convenience. MCS Italy
Materials: Wood-based panel
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer


MCS Swatch MCS Swatch
Available Items   Dimensions
Geko Bed Q.S.
Needs Wooden Slat Frame
Wooden Slats Frame QS
Wooden Slats Frame FS
Geko Bed Q.S.
Needs Wooden Slat Frame
Width 74"
Depth 90.5"
Height 41"
Wooden Slats Frame QS
Width 60"
Depth 79"
Height 2"
Wooden Slats Frame FS
Width 55"
Depth 75"
Height 3"
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