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Interior design advice

Make your bedroom a temple of relaxation and orderliness

October 15, 2020, 12:13 pm



Contemporary bedroom




When it comes to furnishing the bedroom, it is essential to select furnishing elements with great decorative potential, but which do not sacrifice the functional aspect as well.

In this sense, furniture designed according to the principles of contemporary style is the perfect synthesis of this technical-aesthetic combination.




This is why it is fundamental to choose accessories with a refined taste that can not only elegantly decorate your room but that can also be the perfect storage solution for your personal belongings.

This is an essential aspect that will enable you to perceive your room as a true oasis of comfort and relaxation, where order and harmony reign.

The aim of this article is to illustrate the Diamante Collection furnishing proposals, ideal in creating an orderly and a tastefully refined furnishing scenario.


Stylish contemporary bedroom: the perfect solution for your home













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Recreate a home that speaks of you!

September 24, 2020, 12:23 pm




Personalize your home décor




Our home is the most personal place we have. This is why our home should speak about us and somewhat harbour our personality, our soul. Customizing your furniture is the first step to have a home that mirrors your way of being in its entirety.

For our home to speak about us, we should recreate a balanced and consistent environment, a certain atmosphere. 


Design your entire home according to certain interior design criteria


This is possible only if you design your entire home according to certain interior design criteria. Otherwise, our rooms would only be a hodgepodge of furniture and accessories that, taken separately, certainly meet our taste, but on the whole only help recreate a messy and disorganized environment.

This is why we thought we’d write down this guide on how to customize your furniture to finally recreate a home that speaks of you.


How to personalize your home décor according to your personality













Via Marche 40/C 61022 - Montecchio di Vallefoglia - Pesaro Urbino (PU)
Tel. +39 (0)721 497244 - Fax. +39 (0)721 499508 - [email protected]

Modern and contemporary interior design: what is the difference?

August 17, 2020, 1:06 pm

 There are multiple interior design trends and styles, each one with specific characteristics that make them unique and different.

However, certain interior design styles are similar, such as the modern and the contemporary styles, which are often mistaken by the less experienced.

You’d love to have a modern or contemporary home?

In this article we will clarify the concept of modern and contemporary design, retracing their origins and then showing you the substantial differences that set them apart, and the comparable details they share.


Modern and Contemporary Interior Design: differences


The origins of modern design

Modern style comes from the Modernist movement, founded at the end of the 19th century. It was inspired by the German Bauhaus design schools, and by Scandinavian influence on:

  • Simplicity and function
  • Clean lines
  • Use of plastic and natural materials
  • Moderation in colour applications

Modern and Contemporary Interior Design: clean lines


The origins of contemporary design

What is now called Contemporary style, became popular in the 1970s. Contemporary interior design is inspired by Modernist and Post-Modernist element, and strongly influenced by Art Deco, Deconstructivism and Futurism.

The contemporary style is constantly evolving, therefore it does not refer to a specific historical period; it generates constant innovation by combining the peculiarity of other styles  in a new, bold taste.


Download our contemporary style guide!


What are the main differences between modern and contemporary interior design?

After this short explanation on both interior design trends, let’s see the aesthetic and functional differences that characterize them.

On one side, contemporary style is more fluid, dynamic and mutable, and on the other side, modern style has a more understated and balanced allure.

Let’s see the elements that characterize them in detail:

  1. Colour palette
  2. Lines and shapes
  3. Materials

Let’s analyse them one by one.



1. Colour palette

In modern interiors, not-too-bright backgrounds and walls are more common: the colour palette generally comprises neutral and earthy nuances, such as brown, golden hues, rust and olive green.

On the other hand, contemporary interiors use several different colours, including black and white, and basic pairings with bold and bright walls. This varies in every room, depending on the desired mood.


Modern and Contemporary Interior Design: colour palette


2. Lines and shapes

Both styles have a linear and light design, although this aspect is expressed differently.

Modern style, when separated from a classic or vintage approach, creates a minimalist space without decorations, offering a refreshing and familiar sensation.

The clean and agile lines of contemporary style are expressed with an increased attention to curved and rounded lines and shapes, rather than square profiles. It is a simple design, from a conceptual standpoint, although it stands out for its original and up-to-date character, with innovative and customized solutions.


Modern and Contemporary Interior Design: lines and shapes


3. Materials

Modern interiors combine furnishing made with natural materials, such as fine wood, leather and fabrics, with plastic and metal furniture and accessories. This solution adds some colour and is also inspired by the industrial period.

On the other hand, contemporary design employs more natural materials of different kind: for instance, it chooses cedar wood rather then modern teak. In some cases, it includes steel finishings or accessories, with a manifest overlapping of details that transmits sophistication and elegance.


Modern and Contemporary Interior Design: materials


Similarities between modern and contemporary design

Now that we have seen the main differences between the two styles, let’s see what they have in common:

  • Interior layouts designed to ensure orderly, relaxing and comfortable atmospheres, without sacrificing the elegance of simple and solid furnishing elements, with an artistic touch
  • Both styles prefer clean shapes and decorations

  • The interiors are developed in an open and airy way, with the right quantity of furniture and accessories


Modern and contemporary interior design: everything you need to know

Behind each style lies a world of details and peculiar characteristics that determines their unique and unmistakeable mood.

One can easily mistake the term “modern” for “contemporary”, however, in design and art, these two aesthetic trends become two distinct styles.

They share some common characteristics, with some differences: time is key to set them apart and to understand their hues and concepts in full. Where modern design is firmly rooted at the beginning of the 20th century, contemporary design is all about the here and now.

The new 2020 interior design trends

June 23, 2020, 11:02 am


Revamp your home: check the new 2020 Interior Design trends




Our home can always use some revamping. It’s just like our closet: there is always something to reassess and re-evaluate, to create a constantly new and cool image of ourselves.

And our home reflects our image and our personality too. Just like our wardrobe, our home needs to be rearranged, cared for, and updated.


Keeping up with interior design trends is essential


The new 2020 interior design trends are just waiting for you to start considering renewing your furniture, perhaps by starting small, and then be conquered by the amazing environments of new contemporary design.

If you are interested and you want to know more about 2020 contemporary design, here are the main interior design news.


Revamp your home: check the new 2020 Interior Design trends













Via Marche 40/C 61022 - Montecchio di Vallefoglia - Pesaro Urbino (PU)
Tel. +39 (0)721 497244 - Fax. +39 (0)721 499508 - [email protected]

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Contemporary style dining room sets by AREDOCLASSIC.

May 20, 2020, 2:36 pm

 Turn your dining room into an exclusive environment! 



Contemporary style dining room sets




During this unpredictable situation you can spend more time discovering new things for example about your dining room.

To be successful, a dining room interior design project , as well as any other project for your home, depends first and foremost on the furniture collection chosen for your room layout.


Contemporary style dining room sets


Would you like to turn your dining room into and exclusive environment? Then, let yourself be inspired by the Adora collections, Arredoclassic brands designed to meet the style needs of a broader public.

In this article, we will showcase the Adora collection items for the dining room area, by highlighting the details that embellish each piece of furniture and accessory.


Contemporary style dining room sets: the Adora solutions













Via Marche 40/C 61022 - Montecchio di Vallefoglia - Pesaro Urbino (PU)
Tel. +39 (0)721 497244 - Fax. +39 (0)721 499508 - [email protected]

Leonardo Bedroom

April 30, 2020, 4:36 pm

Buying from online stores can be nervewracking if we worry about receiving exactly the same product as expected. Do not worry! We have your back. 

Check out this real life photo from happy customer in NJ !!



Traditional Leonardo Bedroom Furniture set.



Why choosing good quality materials for your dining room is a must?

February 17, 2020, 4:57 pm

 The first concern when you have to redesign a room in your home, is being able to choose the furniture according to the right style, or according to your taste.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Designing or redesigning your home should be, first and foremost, a passionate adventure guided by your personal choices.

When you walk into a room - like a dining room , for instance - the place where we first welcome our guests - you should breathe in the attitude and personality of the person who furnished it with such great care.

However, designing a room is not just a matter of style or personal taste. Behind each furnishing choice, there should be an expert guide, a criterion for wholeness and harmony.

If you want a classy and polished result, it is important that you choose high quality furniture. A nice-looking piece of furniture made of poor materials will not last for long, and it will make your room more anonymous and less special.

Often, choosing the right material can make a difference, not only from a quality standpoint, but also in terms of room personality .

It’s not just its shape or design that make a piece of furniture unique. The soul of a piece of furniture is first and foremost the materials with which it is built and finished.

And even then, rooms don’t follow the same material criteria. If you are furnishing your dining room, for instance, you have to choose the materials carefully, to avoid compromising such a special and unique environment with the wrong choices.

You are probably wondering: how can I choose the right quality materials for my dining room?

Don't worry. Decorate your dining room with the right materials is easy. Read the article to know more.


Why choosing good quality materials for your dining room is a must?

High quality materials for your dining room: three selection rules

Before talking about the best materials for your dining room, there are four simple rules to keep in mind before making the final choice.

1. What kind of furniture?

First of all, you should ask yourself what kind of furniture you are buying. The type of furniture can make a difference when it comes to choosing the materials .

If you are looking for a large display cabinet, because you love showcasing your fine China, you should make sure the structural materials (such as shelves) are sturdy enough to support the weight.

The door and handle finish will lighten the cabinet, making it visually elegant and graceful.

2. What will you use the piece of furniture for?

The final use of the piece of furniture you are about to purchase is very important to consider, when choosing its material.

For instance, a table plays a key role in your dining room, both from a practical and from an aesthetic standpoint. When you have guests over, you’d want to make sure it i s made of a sturdy material, to prevent wear over time. And it should be functional, to support the weight and heat of your dishes, during your lunch and dinner parties.


Why choosing good quality materials for your dining room is a must? 1

3. Where will it be placed?

Some pieces of furniture , apart from a practical function, have an important aesthetic purpose. For instance, sideboards and display cabinets in the dining room can help brighten dark corners or enhance an empty wall. When it comes to this kind of furniture, you can go a little crazy and let yourself be inspired by the most unique and precious models. For instance, a sideboard with a glass shelf is more than perfect to embellish your dining room.

4. Harmony and design

As for any other room in your home, in the dining room too you should take the overall harmony into account. If the rest of your house is decorated in a classic or contemporary style, you should be consistent with the choices you’ve made, even when choosing the right material. Everything will be more balanced, andfine materials will help create the right harmony.


Download Adora Catalogues

Different materials in the dining room

Let’s see the right kind of fine materials for your dining room.

1. Table materials

Without forgetting its function and aesthetic centrality, you can choose from many different materials for your dining table. Generally, the choice falls on solid wood, albeit, in a high-end dining room, the difference lies in how the table is made and in its finishing. Apart from supporting weight, the table should also be aesthetically stunning for anyone walking into the room. This is why the table surface can be finished with a thin slab of glass or other fine materials that will make your dining room brighter.


Why choosing good quality materials for your dining room is a must? 2

2. Seating materials

The chairs structure too should be sturdy. Their function should not be underestimated, when it comes to choosing the right material. On the other hand, when choosing the upholstering, - with all the colours and possible finishes available - you can unleash your desire to express your aesthetic taste.

3. Sideboards and display cabinets materials

Apart from tables and chairs, you can add other furnishing elements to your dining room. You can choose a sideboard or a display cabinet, which, apart from their important space organizing function, have a strong aesthetic impact. Decorate your dining room choosing high quality materials for these pieces of furniture. You’ll notice the difference right away and add an extra touch to your room.


Why choosing good quality materials for your dining room is a must? 3

Decorating with high quality materials: being stylish and classy

By now you surely have realized how important quality materials are in your dining room.Choosing the right materials will change your home. A stylish home is first and foremost a quality environment . And furniture quality is obtained, apart from its design, also from its materials. Furnishing your dining room requires very accurate choices. Being aware of the right criteria before making these choices will make your house unique.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom?

February 10, 2020, 2:47 pm


Color represents an important element in the design and aesthetic impact of a home since it can define its look even more so than the style of furnishing, generating effects that can go to the extreme.


Thus, choosing a color palette and its related color theme for a single room or more generally for the interior of a home calls for extra attention to the use of the environment in question: what "happens" here (eating, cooking, sleeping, relaxing) and which hues are most appropriate for the purpose? Each room has its own "needs" to be met in terms of furniture, light and color.

In our specific case, we are going to consider which would be the best colors for a master bedroom that is the realm of rest, starting from a simple concept: there are colors and hues that can provide a relaxing atmosphere to the environment, just as there are others that can stir different emotions. It is clear that in a room dedicated to rest and to the night, it is decidedly better to set up a chromatic dialog on the them of relaxation, intimacy and silence (and why not, even romantic moments), almost following the ideas set out by color therapy.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom 1

When relaxation depends on color

People do not have the knowledge nor the interest to study in depth which are the best colors for a master bedroom from color-therapy point of view. However, we can take inspiration from it to select which hues, or their combinations, are ideal in a bedroom.

The possible choices are wider than what you might initially imagine and do not include just neutral colors or cold hues, generally considered more suitable for rest. In any case, we are referring to colors (those that are traditional) that one can apply in soft shades so as not to create mental confusion in a body longing for relaxation and sleep.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom 2

Even the range of neutral colors itself is not as obvious or as boring as one would think at first glance, since it offers a really wide range of variations that can be adapted to many contexts and be combined with warmer and brighter tones, while maintaining an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Gray, white, black, beige: their advantage is their versatility.

  • Gray, with its countless shades, is a great classic and offers the opportunity of "mixing" with warmer colors without losing its characteristic intimacy.
  • Black and white, taken individually or together, offer interesting combinations for their ability to interface with any other color, even the brightest one, without losing "neutrality" in addition to the many shading opportunities.
  • Purple, in its lighter versions like lilac, is taken into consideration for spiritual purposes in oriental cultures and offers another ideal example for a room where people long for rest. Similar to it is pink, which even in its paler, duller version remains elegant and calming.
  • Blue, which is also available in a multitude of shades and combinations, is the true prince of the master bedroom, since it can bestow calm and peace into the environment.
  • Green is one of the most popular colors currently in use in the rooms. It is chosen because it reminds of nature and therefore to an idea of tranquility that only the mountain or forest environments can provide.

Download now the style guide

The 6 best colors for a master bedroom

Endless combinations of gray

Light, dark, shaded, combined with blue, pink or yellow, tending towards silver... the versatility of gray is innate and lifts it above the common impression that it is a sad and dull color. In fact, it is an elegant and refined hue, qualities that make it a prince among the best colors for a master bedroom.

The possibility of combining it with other colors are almost unlimited, in some ways more than the one offered by the other two neutrals par excellence, white and black, since gray has less visual impact.  Its hue allows it to wrap envelope the furnishing (and therefore the bed, wardrobe, and side tables), giving that feeling of comfort and relaxation that everyone longs for, even when combined with more lively and warmer shades.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom 3

Shades of white

It seems a paradox to speak of "shades of white", but it is not so. Even the most aseptic color par excellence is able to offer variations thanks in particular to shades and textures: ivory, milk, antique, navajo (tending to yellow). Less boring than it seems, with the same ability of gray to envelope furniture and walls, it offers brightness and softness at the same time.

Standalone (in total white therefore) or combined with other colors, it offers interesting and always pleasant variations for use in the master bedroom.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom 5

The elegance of black

Black is, like the other neutrals, one of the most easily matchable and versatile colors in home interiors. It must be used more sparingly than the other two neutral colors (it is certainly not a good idea to paint the walls black!) but its contribution in terms of aesthetics and environment in a master bedroom is always naturally elegant, capable to tone down the brightness for a result of extreme relaxation.

Among lilac, pink and lavender colors

They are not just colors for a female "audience", but some of the best colors for a master bedroom. This is thanks to the ability to offer a cheerful and relaxing space where night rest, or even an afternoon nap, becomes a true moment of rejuvenation and relief. Be careful with the possible combinations: the risk is to exceed and have a cheap effect.

What are the best colors for a master bedroom 4

The versatility of blue

Blue is the most common color in a bedroom, whether a master bedroom or not. In fact, it is a color that inspires calm and tranquility, is welcoming and is always highly appreciated from an aesthetic point of view. It offers numerous combinations, some of them more daring, but it is not always ideal for all styles of interior design. It has a high degree of versatility, almost like that of neutral colors, also because it tends to dominate the scene with its depth.


Almost like blue, it is less popular but very effective in a bedroom. In fact, it offers, in its different variations, a reminder to the natural environment that can spread the serenity and peace of mind that one can find when immersed in a remote forest. It offers different creative solutions to the room and can characterize walls and furniture.

4 ways to make unique your dining room with contemporary wall décor

February 4, 2020, 12:47 pm

 Decorating your walls is the easiest and more impactful way to renovate your dining room. Many times, changing the wall colour, choosing a new wallpaper or decorating with paintings or mirrors is enough to give a new look to the room you want to redesign.

The dining room is a very important place in your home: it is where you welcome your guests. For this reason, you need to pay attention, by choosing a few unique wall touch-ups for this special room, to obtain the perfect amazed reaction from your guests.

However, if you love contemporary style, andyou want to go for contemporary wall décor, you need to follow a few simple rules. Contemporary style is essential and minimal. You have to make a few bold choices. The key word here is: attention to detail.

Read the article to find out interesting rules and tips to furnish your dining room in a contemporary style.


4 ways to make unique your dining room with contemporary wall décor 1

Contemporary style: elegance and design

Many people think that furnishing a home in a contemporary style can make it cold and unwelcoming. However, it is a little known fact that contemporary furniture can help you create an extremely comfortable environment.

Contemporary does not mean cold. On the contrary, a minimal and well finished design pairs perfectly with empty and airy spaces . It gives a feeling of wellness, comfort and functionality to the entire ensemble.

In addition, contemporary style can be technological, luxurious, progressive and sophisticated at the same time. Find out how to obtain this amazing mix of beauty and eccentricity, by decorating your dining room walls with the help of these tips.


4 ways to make unique your dining room with contemporary wall décor 2

Contemporary wall décor: 4 tips

You are probably wondering: what kind of décor is fit for a contemporary dining room? Can I hang more than one painting on the walls? What kind of subjects should I choose for my prints? If I want to repaint the walls, what would be the best colour? Is wallpaper a good fit for a contemporary dining room?

All these concerns are perfectly natural. Today, understanding the new interior design trends is far from easy. However, renovating a room in your home should be fun and exciting. This is why we decided to give you 8 simple rules you can follow to choose your contemporary wall décor, so that you can be free to select the ones that best suit you with a careful eye.

Are you ready? Here we go.

1. Don’t overcrowd your space

As noted above, contemporary style requires empty and airy spaces. This does not mean you shouldn’t have fun when choosing your décor. On the contrary, you should be very scrupulous in choosing the right items, in the right quantity.

For instance, you can opt for a single painting on the wall, provided it is big enough and with a relevant subject.

If your space is not that big, don’t worry. Just balance the painting size to obtain a visual and spatial centrality.

2. Dare with patterns

Contemporary style means experimenting. If you love décors with uncommon patterns, don't worry: they are perfectly suitable to contemporary style. Even a simple wall print, maybe with an abstract subject, can draw attention, inspiring curiosity and appreciation in those who look at it.

Wallpapers are always an excellent solution, in these cases. They can embellish the wall you want, without being too invasive.

If you opt for bold patterns, do not follow the same criterion on more than one furnishing element. For instance, a neutral wall will be the perfect background for your unique and colourful print.


Download our guide on how to choose the best dining room layout!

3. Wall colour

As noted above, the best way to renovate a room is repainting the walls.

And in contemporary style, you can afford to go a little crazy with colour.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

White and all its nuances

White is always perfect. And, contrary to popular belief, it has a very broad nuance range. If you want to go for a warmer effect, instead of choosing the usual neutral white, you can opt for a pinkish white in your dining room. The result will be very classy.

Bright colours

Since we are talking about a dining room, you can also opt for a brighter colour. The light effect will be guaranteed and spaces will become wider and more airy.


4 ways to make unique your dining room with contemporary wall décor 3

Dark colours

Purple, dark green, and - why not? - black, are perfect for a contemporary design. If you love dark nuances, be careful to balance the wall colour well with the colours already present in the room. If they blend in well with the surrounding environment, dark colours can create a high-end and very sophisticate environment.

Pastel colours are a no-no

When we talk about contemporary style, we talk about bold hues and daring contrasts. Pastel colours have nothing to do with contemporary style; they are best suited for more rustic environments.

You can choose the colour you like. Just remember: do not use too many colours in a single room. It would create confusion and it wouldn’t really be in line with contemporary style, which is minimal also in the colour palette.

Lastly, remember to take the floor into account, for a more harmonious result.


4 ways to make unique your dining room with contemporary wall décor 4

4. Trending décor: prints and paintings

Contemporary art paintings or artwork and photography prints are perfect for a contemporary dining room.

Often, a single painting can change the look of your room. Take some time to choose the painting you want to hang in your dining room. It should be the star of the wall and attract attention, without distracting from the other furniture.

You can opt for an abstract, post-surrealist subject, or for a wild landscape, like a forest. The important thing is that the colours and size of this special décor are balanced with the surrounding environment.

Being at the forefront is an essential prerequisite of contemporary style. Digital prints are an excellent choice to decorate your walls, as an alternative to an actual painting. In addition, prints have a smooth and shiny surface. And this pairs well with this style, where smooth and clean surfaces are the golden rule.

Provoking with style

Defying colour combinations, bold nuances, impactful artwork: these are the precious elements you can décor your dining room with. Whatever contemporary wall décor you choose, remember to do it tastefully, without fearing uniqueness.

What should you consider before choosing your living room sofa?

January 27, 2020, 2:32 pm

 The sofa is the main and essential element of your living room furnitureChoosing the best sofa is not easy. There are countless models and often we let ourselves be guided by our instincts, thus making irreparable mistakes.

We ask ourselves: what is the right size for my living room? Should I go for a three- or a four-seater?

An excessively large sofa could take up too much space, and play down the other furnishing elements. However, if the sofa is too small, it could end up becoming one of the many elements in the room, losing its stardom in the living area.

Not to mention that choosing the right model can generate even more doubts. Should you choose a traditional sofa or an “L” shaped sofa? In this case too, the wrong choice could compromise the beauty and harmony of your living room design.

You are probably wondering: is it really possible to choose the right sofa for my living room? Don’t worry. The answer is yes: you can find the perfect sofa. You just need to follow the right rules.

Read the article to find out what you should take into account to choose your living room sofa.

You’ll be finally sure you have made the right choice.


What should you consider before choosing your living room sofa?


How to choose the right sofa size

The first question we must ask ourselves when we choose our sofa, is how big should it be. To answer this essential question, you should take two main aspects into account. Let’s go over them in detail.

1. The room size

As stated above, there is no greater error than choosing an excessively big sofa for a small space. When deciding your sofa size, remember to take several elements into account: the room layout, the space taken up by other furnishing elements, and, above all, the space for movement within the room.

You should take the size of the other furniture pieces into account, because the sofa you choose shouldn’t be too big or too small, and you should leave some empty space in the room to allow movement. This aspect should not be underestimated, both for a practical matter, and to preserve the room proportions and harmony. Empty spaces play a key role in interior design, and shouldn’t be underestimated. An excessively full or empty room is likely to become disorienting and make the ensemble disharmonious and unbalanced.


What should you consider before choosing your living room sofa? 2

2. Intended use

Our living room is not just part of our home. It’s a place to relax, rest and welcome our guests.

If you entertain and you like spending time with your guests in your living room - maybe for a pre-dinner drink or a chat in front of the fireplace - you will need a big sofa to ensure that everyone is comfortable. You could also opt for a pair of sofas, if your living room is big enough.

On the other hand, if your living room is an intimate place, to read a book or watch a film, you should opt for a smaller sofa (while always taking into account the room size).


Consideration_elegant interiors


Choosing a model 

Choosing the right sofa model is no easy task. The most common mistake is letting ourselves by guided by our instincts or personal taste, overlooking a series of fundamental criteria.

When you choose your sofa model, you should always take into account the overall room style.

An “L” shaped sofa or a large sofa with a chaise longue may seem tempting and comfortable at first sight, in a showroom or on the pages of a catalogue, but it could become excessive and disharmonious in certain living rooms. Choosing this kind of model - with strongly unbalanced proportions, because one side is longer than the other - could make preserving a harmonious environment difficult. If you opt for this kind of sofa, you should balance it out with the rest of your furniture.

A more classical model will be easier to pair with the rest of the room. In this case, remember that centrality is essential. Choose its position well. Make sure your sofa is the focus of your room; this way, the model you chose will be nicely displayed.


What should you consider before choosing your living room sofa? 3


Choosing the best fabric and materials for a designer sofa 

Once you chose the sofa size and model, you can focus on the best fabric and materials. This too is not an easy decision, given the endless quantity of offers. If you are thinking about the items you should take into account for your living room sofa, don’t forget the fabric and materials.

When choosing these two elements, consider:

1. Sturdiness and softness

The sofa material and upholstering should be selected also based on how you spend time in your living room. There are more wear-resistant fabrics, and more delicate ones.

Here too, there is no one-way choice.

You shouldn’t give up on a nice velvet sofa, just because you are afraid to ruin it. The important thing is being aware of the furniture you are buying, to care for it in the right way. With the right care, a high-quality sofa will look nice and shiny like the day you bought it for years to come.

2. Design

The aesthetic aspect is not secondary. If your living room is classic, you should opt for suitable materials and fabrics. If you have a contemporary living room, you should go for trendier materials and fabrics, in line with the new interior design trends.


What should you consider before choosing your living room sofa? 4


Considerations to make before choosing your living room sofa: an harmonic ensemble 

You probably realized that, when thinking about the right considerations to make before choosing your living room sofa, a harmonic ensemble should always be taken into account.

The sofa is the star of your living room - and maybe a more bold choice, compared to the rest of your furniture.

There is nothing wrong in opting for a bolder sofa. Often, our taste pays off. The important thing is that the overall harmony is preserved.

Another aspect that helps you link the different furnishing elements together is colour. Matching fabric or finishing, for instance, can turn your sofa into a well-balanced star in your room, even if the overall style is different.

Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection

January 23, 2020, 3:52 pm

 Arredoclassic's furniture collections encapsulate the elegance and timeless spirit of classic Italian style – the perfect option for those looking to combine elegance with glitz and glamour.

This article is all about how to choose classic Italian furniture for your living room.

Living rooms are places for welcoming and enjoying the company of guests, which is why they deserve special care and attention when it comes to functionality and style. The aim of the game is to make sure people who spend time in this room do so in maximum comfort, without having to sacrifice the charm of high-quality furnishings.

In this article, we focus on each Arredoclassic collection in more detail, all of which have been designed to satisfy the stylistic needs of our most discerning customers.

Choose the collection you like best when deciding how to furnish your classic Italian style living room.

Arredoclassic’s furniture collections have been designed to showcase the value and variety of classic charm while responding to a range of different preferences.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 0

Looking to create a classic style living room? Choose the collection that best suits your needs.

Arredoclassic offers a range of classic style furnishing lines, including:

Let's take a look at the features of each collection in more detail.


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The Modigliani living room collection embodies an aesthetic based entirely on classic Italian style.

Gold and walnut chairs are characterised by elegant quilted seat backs, while handcrafted items of furniture are adorned with golden decorations and recurring motifs – details that guarantee stylistic continuity and meticulous attention to detail.

This particular furniture range is all about creating an atmosphere that balances strong shapes with curved lines.

Living room spaces kitted out in Modigliani collection furnishings embrace designs inspired by true Italian style.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 1


The perfect combination of classic and contemporary styles, the Fantasia Collection is all about trendy, alluring neoclassical designs.

Square tables and display cases are paired with curved sofas and armchairs to create a spatial balance that just oozes captivating elegance.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 2


The Sinfonia Collection is known for its refined combination of gold and mahogany hues. A comprehensive collection of high-quality furnishings – perfect for those looking to create a graceful Baroque-inspired space adorned with intricate details.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 3


Turn your living room into a treasure trove of precious furnishings with the warm beige and golden friezes featured in this collection.

The Melodia collection brings together curved shapes with clean-cut finishes, for items of furniture with a well-balanced and extremely elegant appeal.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 4


Refined items of furniture are the real stars of our Leonardo collection. Furnishings and coffee tables are lined with golden detailing, while beige and gold fabrics are draped over soft, curved sofas – ready to welcome guests into a gentle embrace.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 5


Ideal for creating a romantic, comfortable living room atmospherethe Tiziano Collection features ivory furnishings with silver detailing and sleek curves – a combination that evokes a certain Florentine feel.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 6


The Donatello Collection can enhance any living room setting with its gold leaf detailing and deep walnut furnishings. For a room where you can breathe in the Renaissance air and enjoy the elegance of high-quality finishes.

Immerse yourself in total relaxation in a space adorned with fine Italian furniture.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 7


Thanks to our Liberty furniture collection, your living room is guaranteed to come to life with bright ivory and golden patterns. Golden Greek patterns adorn clean-cut furnishings, while gold and silver leaf details add a precious touch to curved armchairs and sofas. The perfect combination of shapes and accessories –guaranteed to evoke a feeling of true elegance.


Furnish your classic Italian style living room with an elegant Arredoclassic collection 8

Choose an Arredoclassic Collection to furnish your living room in true, Italian style

Our classic furniture collections embrace a certain old-age charm while remaining bang on trend – making them the perfect option for any living room setting.

What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

January 16, 2020, 4:12 pm

 Contemporary interiors are by far the most popular living room style.

What makes contemporary style so unique is its sophisticated allure, its simplicity, the bold linearity of furniture profiles, the use of daring texture and unusual yet classy colour contrasts.

We often think that contemporary design interiors can be cold and aseptic. On the contrary, with the right tips, we can create a classy and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are thinking about furnishing or restyling your living room, you should read this article.

We’ll show you the right elements to furnish a contemporary living area.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements

6 basic elements that make a living room contemporary

Moderation, minimal allure and total cleaning : these are the aesthetic features that make contemporary style one of the most popular furnishing trends.

Do you want a well-designed interior, down to the last detail? Here are the essential features for a contemporary living room:

  1. Basic, dark or bright colour palette
  2. Bold lines and balanced spaces
  3. Contemporary furniture and seating
  4. Wooden, tiled or carpeted floors
  5. Clean and minimal designer lighting
  6. Decorations and art elements

Let’s find out the necessary features to create the perfect contemporary interior


1. Basic, dark or bright colour palette

The contemporary interior colour pattern has a kaleidoscopic variety, offering a great freedom of selection between basic, dark or bright colours.

From light white or pink nuances, to brighter purple or dark green hues. The choice is yours!

If you want to add a touch of daring colour to your living room palette, opt for a bold pairing: match a wallpaper with a vibrant pattern with a basic, dark or bright wall colour.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 2


2. Bold lines and balanced spaces

The most evident elements in a contemporary interior are its lines and balanced spaces.

Bold and classy vertical and horizontal lines can be found in architectural details, high ceilings, wide window profiles without any decoration, and artworks and sculptures with geometrical shapes.

In a contemporary living room, the empty space on the walls, floor and between the furnishing elements has its appeal. It makes the room cooler and cleaner, and makes every single furnishing detail or piece stand out.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 3


3. Contemporary furniture and seating

In your living room, furniture should be the expression of a true glamourous and contemporary style statement. Therefore, you should opt for furniture and seating with essential and clean shapes.

Let yourself be guided by your aesthetic taste: choose the furniture that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

You can opt for a geometric collection, mellowed out by soft lines and curved recesses, and embellished by precious golden finish polished metal inserts. Or you can opt for a bolder and more sophisticated furniture collection, made even more fancy by a contrast of textures on the diamond-shaped upholstering and on the golden finish metal inserts.

Lastly, to create an amazing interior, choose sofas, armchairs, chaise longue and footstools upholstered with high-quality fabrics with different textures, favouring a colour pattern in line with a contemporary interior.

Don’t forget to add square accent pillows with unique fabrics and patterns and bold colours, based on your taste. This way, not only will you design the visual aspects of the entire ensemble down to the last detail, you will also add a greater sense of comfort to your living room, by matching fine textures.


Consideration_elegant interiors


4. Wooden, tiled or carpeted floors

A contemporary living room floor must transmit a sense of lightness and total cleanliness. To choose the best solution for your interior, you can decide between:

  • Wooden flooring;
  • Tiles, ideally white or ivory;
  • Carpeted flooring, or, if this option is not the right choice for you, you could leave your floors bare and add a couple of decorative rugs in the right places.

Try to be consistent when choosing your rugs: opt for shapes and colours in line with the collection you chose for your living room.


5. Clean and minimal designer lighting

In any interior design project, lighting is essential, both from a style and function standpoint.

In order to ensure the highest level of visibility and comfort, without compromising the style, opt for lighting solutions with high technical performance, such as:

  • Chandeliers
  • Hanging lamps
  • Recessed lamps
  • Wall lamps
  • Floor lamps

Made with materials in line with the contemporary style canons: glass, metal, crystal or copper.


What makes a living room contemporary? The basic elements 4


6. Decorations and art elements

You can place contemporary sculptures and abstract artworks at eye level, maybe on a column.

Concerning wall decoration, we suggest you opt for modern (matte or polished) black natural wood or metal frames: they will be perfect for your paintings and prints, in any solution.

Elegance and attention to detail: that’s what makes a living room contemporary

Dining room table: how to choose the best one?

December 17, 2019, 5:53 pm

 When you are renovating or designing a space such as your dining room, the first important choice to make is the table. You must choose your dining room table carefully.

Tables are the focus of a dining room. They draw our attention and drive our first impression of the room. All the other furnishing elements of this room revolve around the table.

We often think having a favourite style in mind is enough to make a good decision. Whether modern, classic or contemporary, setting a style is not sufficient to find the best table for you.

You also need to take other parameters into consideration.

If you are looking for the right table for your dining room, read this article and analyse the suggestions made. You’ll be sure to make the right choice, in line with your dining room style.


Dining room table: how to choose the best one? 001

Relationship with the surrounding space

The first factor to keep into account when choosing a table is its relationship with the surrounding environment in terms of space. You’ll realize at a glance that the table takes up a good chunk of the room you are designing. As we stated above, tables are the primary element in a dining room. Therefore, they must dominate the room also in terms of footprint.

Its central position in the middle of the room will make it the undisputed protagonist. At the same time, though, our table cannot take up too much space, because it would make it too cumbersome.

When furnishing a room, always balance out each element. Make sure you leave the right quantity of empty space between the end of the table and the surrounding walls. Do not overdo it with too many elements. Other than for practicality and comfort, the empty space is also needed to make the piece of furniture you chose stand out.

Large or small table?

Before deciding your table’s style, colour or shape, get a sense of its size first. As stated above, measurements and proportions are essential criteria to take into account when designing a room.

If you have a big room, you must choose your furniture accordingly. The same applies if your dining room is smaller.

When it comes to the table size, we suggest you get it slightly bigger than the one you had in mind.

While it is true that a slightly bigger table can be perceived as bulky in a small room, it is far worse to have a large room with a table that is too small. If you chose a table that is too small compared to the surrounding environment, it will lose its importance and central position compared to the rest of the room.

A small table in a large room can give a sense of bewilderment when experiencing the space, and it may lessen the importance and care you put in choosing each single furnishing item.


Dining room table: how to choose the best one? 021

Dining room table: what is the best shape?

Let’s dig into the heart of the matter. The most common question when it comes to buying a dining room table is: should I opt for a round/oval table or a square/rectangular one?

Many people think it’s just a matter of personal taste. Actually, in this case too, there are many other factors to keep in mind when making this choice.

Here is three of them.

1. The room size

The first criteria to decide whether to get a round or square table, is how big your room is.

If you have a big and long room, choose a rectangular table. Place it consistently with the walls length, so that its size is proportionate with the room’s.

If your dining room is more on the small side, we suggest you opt for a round table. Apart from a better visual impact, round dining tables allow an easier transit in the room, since they have no edges or sides.

2. The room layout

Then, take into account also your dining room layout. If it has a long shape, then choose a rectangular table. It will become the focus of the room, making it more harmonious.

If the room has a square layout, you can opt for a round table. Be sure to place it right in the middle of the square. It will make the room balanced and elegant.


Download our guide on how to choose the best dining room layout!

3. Practicality

The last - but not least - factor to keep in mind is practicality. A dining table will be the cornerstone of your day-to-day and special lunches and dinners.

If you have a fast paced lifestyle and you often dine outside your home, your table practicality will be just the icing on the cake, and it will affect your choice much less than your personal taste or the room’s style.

In this case, the table shape will solely be based on style, rather than on the fact that you will use it to invite your guests to dinner.

For instance, if you love square shapes, a square table - or a rectangular one, depending on your dining room length - will do the trick.

If you, on the other hand, live your home first hand, in each and every corner, like a place to love and showcase to your guests, things are quite different. In this case, you’ll need to take into account also the table’s practical aspects. To this end, remember that a round table can generally sit more people and it could be useful, if you often entertain a lot of guests, and if you have enough space available.

Choosing the style

Now, you can finally focus on the most exciting part of interior design: choosing the style.

After pointing out that style is strictly related to the designer and home-owner's personal taste, you should also reckon that interior design has its own rules. Like any other art, interior design is constantly evolving.

When deciding the table for your dining room, let yourself be inspired by new trends. For instance, opting for a contemporary table is an excellent way to stay ahead of current trends.

Generally, contemporary style features simple profiles and attention to design. A table with these characteristics will surely draw your guests’ attention, giving a touch of style and avant-garde to your dining room.


Dining room table: how to choose the best one? 3

Do not forget the harmony of the ensemble

Your dining room is the place where you welcome your guests. The dining table is the cornerstone of this intimate and convivial environment. When choosing your dining table, take into account the advice we gave you in this short guide, without forgetting the style you love. If you chose an elegant and polished style for your home, the dining table too should be inspired by this style.

Whether it is contemporary or classic, your interior design should be an harmonious pattern of choices. And the new table will fit in perfectly.

While remaining the star of the scene, it will fit in well with the other furniture in your dining room.

4 dining room color ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere

December 6, 2019, 5:13 pm

 Let’s say your ideal dining room is sophisticated and elegant. Let’s say you’ve always dreamed about a sumptuous and luxurious place, where you can welcome your friends and guests in complete relaxation and in a warm and pleasant environment.

If you want to design your new dining room and you already have a style and the right furniture collection in mind, you should also start thinking about the colour scale you want for your walls and home décor. Colour will help you recreate the atmosphere you have in mind effortlessly, with a balanced and neat visual impact.

You may wonder how you can choose the right colour hues and the most elegant shades.

Read this article to find out the best dining room colour ideas. You’ll finally be able to give a new welcoming and classy feel to your room.

4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere 00

Atmosphere and perfect harmony: the importance of colours

The right colour choice is often underrated when it comes to designing a room. First of all, we think about furniture, and about choosing the right style, in line with the rest of our home. We study where to place the lighting fixtures, and we have a bit of fun by adding a touch of originality when choosing lamps and ceiling lamps.

However, we don’t always consider how important the wall, fabric and home décor colours are. Colour combinations, along with lights, help us give a crucial touch to our home.

Clearly, your colour choices - just like any other interior design aspect - should be well-reasoned and never accidental. They should take into account the style of the room you are decorating, and of your entire home.

You will find that choosing the right colour when decorating a room can become the glue that bonds together the entire interior design of your home. Very often, colours can tie together very different rooms or furniture pieces. Hence, the dining room curtains can match the living room couch cushions; the night area lamp shades can match the hues of the wall behind the master’s bed.

Colours can become the fil rouge that creates harmony and unity in your interiors. And they have the ability to create a marked mood.


Download the dining room style guide!

Dining room: what elements should you focus on

Like every other room, the dining room comprises several furnishing elements. In this environment, a large table with chairs is central. It can then be paired with elegant display cabinets and sideboards. In addition, you can choose a nice mirror that matches the rest of the furniture to embellish the room. And don’t forget fabrics and lamps. All in line with the style you’ve chosen.

However, keep in mind that you should choose the best colours right from the start of your interior design project.

For instance, if you decide to choose a strong hue for the curtains, it shouldn’t be in contrast with the chairs upholstering.

Lampshades can also be used to add a touch of colour to your room. Elegant and tapered, floor lamps are often precious allies in the darkest corners, creating a comfortable and classy environment.

When it comes to interior design, you should never underestimate the importance of walls. Smooth, single-colour or decorated with wallpaper, walls can really make a difference in adding a dash of chromatic elegance to your dining room.

Don’t forget you can pair these colours with the furniture finishing. Observe and take note of the details on the furniture collection you have selected for your dining room. Handles, frames and décors will inspire you in choosing the best colour pattern.


4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere 1

Ideas for your dining room colours: five suggestions

Now, let’s talk about the colours for your classy dining room.

First of all, keep in mind that a dining room should be welcoming. Whatever style you opt for in this environment, this aspect cannot be overlooked.

If you chose a contemporary and elegant style for your home, you should stay true to this look also when choosing a colour pattern.

Let’s see four colour suggestions for your dining room.

1. Beige

Beige hues perfectly call the idea of hospitality to mind. When paired with white details (maybe in the wallpaper pattern or in the stucco decorations), they can add a touch of warmth and classic elegance to your room. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact that this colour can have in a contemporary dining room.

It creates a very relaxing, bright and not-too-overstated atmosphere.

Be careful when choosing beige hues for your environment. Since it is a very versatile colour, you could risk choosing the wrong hue and not obtain the desired effect.

You’ll be happy to know that beige - and all its hues - is not hard to pair with other colours, including stronger shades.


4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere 2

2. Grey

Grey could instinctively seem like a cold colour. In truth, the more brownish and dove-grey hues can create a very warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Grey is very popular in contemporary interior design, and can be paired with a wide range of colours.

Grey chair upholstering or wallpapers are fireproof eye-catchers, if they are well-balanced with the rest of the furniture.

If you are redesigning your dining room and are looking for new dining room colour ideas, you should really take grey into consideration. Sometimes, changing the wall colour is enough to refresh your home. If you don’t want to change your dining room too much, and would prefer some small changes, grey will be perfect. It’s not too strong, but it still gives a new feel and look.

And then, grey can be the perfect background both for classic and modern style furniture. It is versatile, young and classic at the same time.


4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere 3

3. Green

When we talk about green for a luxury dining room, we talk about dark green in particular. A nice deep green with dark nuances, maybe mixed with décors with matching colours, can create a very stylish environment, much appreciated by contemporary design.

If the green hue you have chosen is very dark, make sure you enhance your environment with the right lighting. Mirrors and light spots can help make our colour patterns brighter.

With green curtains or wallpaper, your dining room will becomeclassic, fascinating and contemporary at the same time.

4. Dark blue and gold

Nothing is more elegant than pairing dark blue hues with gold. Precious, sophisticated and stylish, this colour pattern is a win-win if you want to dazzle and enchant your guests.

There are countless combinations and pairings between these two colours and the different furnishing elements. Blue curtains can be decorated with gold patterns, just like the chair upholstering can play around these hues, maybe by matching the furniture’s golden finishing.

The results obtained will be great.


4 dining room colour ideas for an elegant and warm atmosphere 4

The right atmosphere for a classy dining room

You have realized by now how important colour is in interior design. In dining rooms in particular, you should create the right atmosphere, to avoid inspiring a sense of discomfort in your guests, and let them feel happy and welcomed.

Once you have glanced at our dining room colour ideas, you can finally design your comfortable and classy environment.

Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing

November 11, 2019, 1:59 pm

 Italian style means elegance and sophistication, in all its variations. Indeed, Made-in-Italy products are famous and recognized worldwide, not only for their fine classic style, but also for their contemporary aesthetics.

Contemporary furniture is perfect for anyone who wishes to recreate a pleasantly balanced room, with care for details and unique pieces of furniture and accessories, to furnish every room in a sophisticated way.

Contemporary style is ideal to furnish every room of your home: from your bedroom to your dining room, from your study to your living room. This timeless design is defined by a classic approach with renewed shapes, details and concept.

Here is a list of the things you should know to fully capture the essence of this furnishing style.


Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing

7 things you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing

In recent years, contemporary style has become one of the hottest design and home furnishing trends.

If you want to recreate a unique furnishing scenario, start by creating a customized contemporary style mood board, by taking into account some relevant aesthetics and décor tips.

Here are some of the staples of contemporary style furniture:

  1. Decorative lighting
  2. Colour palette
  3. Fabrics and textures
  4. Curtains
  5. Furniture
  6. Floors
  7. Wall decoration 

Let’s see these aspects step by step.

1. Decorative lighting 

Lighting is an essential element for contemporary rooms, because, apart from playing a central role, it is also employed as décor.

Contemporary lighting solutions feature frames and lampshades made with high-performing and highly decorative materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Fine fabrics
  • Iron
  • Crystal
  • Copper


Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing 1

2. Colour palette 

In each interior design project, choosing the best colour palette is essential.

Differently from modern colours, contemporary design requires soft colours, such as brown, dove grey, cream and pure white.

It is not uncommon to see walls painted on top with wallpaper on the bottom. If you want to create a playful theme, without giving up the elegant contemporary atmosphere, go for classy geometric patterns or linear prints.


Download the dining room style guide!

3. Fabrics and textures 

Generally, contemporary design includes natural fabrics. As a general rule, contemporary style homes feature furnishing items upholstered with fine fabrics, such as:

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Wool

Fine and smooth fabrics that create sophisticated texture contrasts.


Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing 2

4. Curtains 

Choosing the right curtains for each room is never easy, especially when you want to give a different personality to each environment, while retaining the same stylistic continuity throughout the house.

Contemporary style requires matte colours and simple nuances that add a touch of colour to the room, without weighting it down visually.

For this reason, in order to obtain a clean and impeccable result, choose long roller or ring curtains, based on your needs, with grey, white or beige nuances.

For a bolder layout, you can opt for red, black or ocean blue fabrics, without overdoing it.


Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing 3

5. Furniture 

Contemporary furniture features clean profiles, soft and well-defined edges, sculpture-like silhouettes and bold volumes.

Contemporary furniture includes unique design elements, with thin profiles, usually made of light wood and finished with gold leaf details or marble, glass, metal or stoneware tops with different finishes, or powder coated metal plates, for armchairs and couches.

6. Floors 

Contemporary floors must be barren and smooth, and embellished from a visual and tactile standpoint by rugs or by a thin layer of carpet, if you don’t like bare floorboards or tiles.


Made in Italy doesn't mean classic: all you need to know about contemporary Italian furnishing 4

7. Wall decoration 

Glossy and matte black, natural wood or metal frames, design clocks and abstract paintings are perfect contemporary solutions to decorate every corner of your home.

If you want to add more than one element, hang them close, so as to create a sort of mosaic, for the best visual impact.

Why you should choose contemporary Italian furnishing

Contemporary style furniture is perfect to combine the clean and glamour allure of this style and the typical elegance of Made-in-Italy design.

Choosing contemporary furniture means recreating a calming and placid atmosphere, with a formal and stylistic balance unlike any other style. This is why you should choose this interior design.

Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends

November 4, 2019, 3:03 pm

 When it comes to interior design, we need to stay ahead of the game. Architects, interior designers and companies are always on track, monitoring new trends.

The latest innovations inspired a more tasteful style also in the furnishing field, making customers more demanding and curious.

It is always fascinating to see how a form of art - such as interior design - evolves and inspires new trends.

We are just a few months away from 2020, and we want to know what will be the interior design and furniture trends for the new year.

In this article, we’ll talk about the main living room trends for 2020.

Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends

Living room: the focus of your home

Before focusing on the main living room trends for the near future, we’d like to underline how important this room is when furnishing your home.

Your living room is your home’s visiting card. Is the first place where you welcome your guests, where you offer a drink before dinner, or where you spend the last part of the evening chatting comfortably sitting on the couch.

Is the room where you relax in the evening or where you silently read on weekends. The couch is the main element of this welcoming and central environment. The couch is paired with other furniture, such as a bookcase or a coffee table. Everything is designed to make this room comfortable and calm.

Living room furniture and decorations must take into account its welcoming and relaxing function.

Whether you are an interior designer or the owner of a wonderful luxury home, we suggest you consider this factor, before restyling your living room with the new 2020 trends.


Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends 1

Fabrics: renovating your curtains and carpets

Concerning fabrics, 2020 brings new colours and patterns. Carpets are a very important furnishing element in your living room. They warm up the environment and add a personal touch. If you want to renovate your living room, why don’t you start from the carpets or other fabrics, such as curtains or cushions?

Your living area will be brightened by a new look in line with 2020 styles. Let’s see them in detail.

1. Warm hues

Warm hues will be the protagonist of next year’s furnishing fabrics. Dark red for carpets or night blue for curtains: the result is an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. You can also choose to upholster your cushions with warm or dark hues matching the rest of the fabrics.

2. Patterns

Make room for patterns in 2020! Whether they are geometrical or fantasy patterns, the important thing is to prefer mixed drawings and colours, rather than solid colours, especially when it comes to carpets.


Download our home furnishing style guide!

Materials: natural and pure

In 2020 furnishing trends, raw and natural materials will be all the rage. Materials such as wood, marble or natural stone are a must have for the new year.

Despite, at first glance, the living room is dominated by flowing curtain fabrics and soft couches, this room is perfect to add a few harder materials, like the ones mentioned above.

It doesn’t matter how you want to use raw materials in your living room. Just add a coffee table with a natural wood surface to give character and style to your environment. You can create multiple atmospheres. You can pair luxury items with seemingly raw ones: the visual impact will be great!

The mix of styles created by pairing different materials creates classy and stylish rooms.


Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends 3

Lighting: ceiling lamps are a must

Ceiling lamps couldn’t be missing in 2020 living room trends. Lighting is an integral part of interior design. If you are designing your living room interior and you want to be in tune with the new styles, choose a ceiling lamp as central light fixture of your room.

Industrial or vintage, the ceiling lamp is always a classy and central element in your living room. It makes the room seem more important and precious.

2020 ceiling lamps are flashy, versatile and with different styles and materials. Although ceiling lamps were already the stars of your living room the past years, this year they will spread in other rooms, like bathroom and kitchen.

A nice ceiling lamp frames the room and gives it the right accent.

Wall decoration: tropical patterns

Another way to renovate this room so full of suggestions and potential, in line with the new living room interior design trends, is choosing a new wallpaper. If you don’t already have a wallpaper, or if you want to add a personal touch to your living room, choose a new wall decoration in line with the new styles.

In order to be ahead of times and choose the right patterns for your living room walls, opt for natural decorations.

Indeed, 2020 interior design will lean toward wild nature, with an abundance of forests and tropical plants.

Give a natural and wild look to your living room, by making this bold choice


Here they are: the 2020 major living room furnishing trends 4


Mirrors: curved lines

Mirrors cannot be lacking in your living room. Mirrors are very classy furnishing elements, and, when they are well placed and balance out the rest of the furniture, they make the room look bigger. Even tiny living rooms can benefit from the right use of mirrors, from a style and size standpoint.

In 2020 interior design, mirrors will be mainly round or oval. Apart from their size and the wall where you will hang the mirror of your choice, remember to opt for curvy lines, rather than squared ones.

This way, you will be in step with the new trends.

Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection

October 4, 2019, 4:19 pm


Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: 6 steps to create the perfect atmosphere

Here are 6 style steps to follow to recreate the wealthy and sumptuous atmosphere of a Renaissance furniture scene:

  1. Create a customized mood board
  2. Decorate the walls
  3. Choose the finest fabrics to upholster your sofa, armchairs, chaise longue and footstools
  4. Choose elaborate coffee tables and bookcases
  5. Choose elegant decorating lighting
  6. Top off the room with furnishing accessories that match your style

Let’s delve deeper into each step.

1. Create a customized mood board

Creating a customized mood board will help you outline the final look you want for your Renaissance style living room right from the start.

To perform this first step correctly, keep in mind the typical aesthetics of a Renaissance furniture scene:

  • A colour palette based on the juxtaposition of golden hues and warm walnut finish tones.

  • Furnishing elements with cymatia, friezes, columns, engravings: small details that characterize Renaissance opulence.

2. Decorate the walls

Walls are the background for the entire furnishing composition: this is why it’s essential that you focus on decorating the walls right from the start.

The fanciest rooms reach their maximum artistic expression with neutral or patterned wallpaper with classy motifs, such as arabesques and Moorish motifs with golden hues.


Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection 1

3. Choose the finest fabrics to upholster your sofa, armchairs, chaise longue and footstools

In the third step, you should choose the finest fabrics to upholster your sofa, armchairs, chaise longue and footstools.

Arredoclassic offers a wide range of high quality fabrics to upholster your living room seats, all customisable to meet your requests. Specifically:

  • Velvet
  • Lampas
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Brocade
  • Damask

4. Choose elaborate coffee tables and bookcases

To obtain a final result that perfectly reflects the Renaissance style in all its beauty, choose elaborate coffee and end tables and bookcases.

These furnishing elements - essential to complete your room - must match the rest of the furniture. For this reason, they should be chosen with great care, by taking into account their details and décors.


Download Arredoclassic Catalogues

5. Choose elegant decorating lighting

In every furnishing context, decorative lighting plays an essential role. This is why you should opt for classy solutions, to enhance your Renaissance style furniture.

For general lighting, choose large ceiling lamps or crystal chandeliers. For accent lighting, choose stained or layered glass wall lamps with golden inserts.

6. Top off the room with furnishing accessories that match the furniture

When furnishing your living room, accessories make all the difference. Complete the scene with fancy accessories placed on tables or cabinet shelves, such as:

  • Hand-painted chinaware
  • Vases and decorative plates with elaborate décors
  • Silverware
  • Crystal glasses

Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection 2

Discover the charm of the Donatello Collection

Now that you know the essential guidelines to tastefully furnish your living area, you just need to choose the Arredoclassic collection that best matches the Renaissance style: the Donatello Collection.

The Donatello living room is fancy, harmonious, elegant and intense, insomuch that the pen that drew it doesn’t seem to move away from the paper. A sinuous and classy line permeating the entire collection, with golden ripples of cymatia and friezes on each piece of furniture.

Let’s see the items in this collection more closely:

Donatello Sofas: fine finishes and precious décors

Donatello sofas are designed to meet everyone’s taste and needs. The golden cymatium becomes the base note over which many different fabrics are blended: choose between Arredoclassic’s brocade, leather and damask to customise your relaxing area.

The golden cymatia and the carved frame divide the space in an elegant and sober way. The fine finishing – customisable to your taste – completes the Donatello collection’s wealth of details.


Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection 3

Palace Footstool: an elegant yet comfortable seat

The Donatello Footstool is an extremely fine and versatile piece of furniture that stands out for its elliptical shape and for the many customization possibilities: from fabrics to creasing and details, all according to your taste.

The fine sinuous profile of the Vittoria and Venere chaise longue

This collection features two chaise longue models: Vittoria and Venere.

On one side, the Vittoria model, with a classic design and dynamic and elegant lines, which will complete your furniture with its intense profile and fine finishes.

On the other side, the Venere chaise longue, with its unmistakeable allure, balanced between comfort and clean shapes that close in a soft hug. This model features a compact structure, livened by elegant finishes that can be customised in many different ways, in the name of luxury and timeless beauty.

Functionality and classic aesthetics: the Donatello TV cabinet

The Donatello TV cabinet is the perfect combination of elegance, fine décors and wealth of detail: all features that perfectly blend with the function and storage needs of a TV cabinet.

Coffee and end tables: furniture with a classy finish

In the details of our coffee and end tables you can see the craftsmanship and ability of our fine artisans. Every spiral, engraving and golden application has been obtained with patient and mastery, to preserve the overall quality of this collection.


Lightness and elegance of a Renaissance style living room: the Donatello Collection 4

How to achieve the lightness and the elegance of a Renaissance style living room

In this article, we showed you how to furnish your Renaissance style living room in a few easy steps.

We also saw the Donatello collection - one of Arredoclassic collections that best meets the Renaissance style aesthetics - in detail.

Now, it’s your turn to create an extraordinary living atmosphere, where light and elegance are perfectly balanced out, to enjoy an exclusive and luxury experience, every time.

Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections

September 24, 2019, 2:00 pm

 Creating a classic dining room means giving a new look and image to one of the most important rooms in your home. Are you furnishing your dining area and want to make it more classic with furniture in perfect classic Italian style?

Let yourself be inspired by Arredoclassic Collections, and transform your dining room in a place where routine becomes luxury and pure fascination.

In this article, you’ll find some style and design advice to furnish your dining room in an elegant way. In addition, we will showcase our dining room furniture collections.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections

10 design and furnishing tips to make your dining room more harmonious

Here is a complete guide with 10 suggestions to create a classy interior design project for your dining room:

  1. Choose the concept that bests suits you
  2. Choose the best colour palette for your concept
  3. Create a moodboard
  4. Measure your room
  5. Decorate the walls
  6. Choose classic or contemporary decorative lamps
  7. Choose a dining set that matches your style
  8. Choose the interior décor based on their design and details
  9. Top it off with a decorative carpet or rug
  10. Choose classy furnishing accessories

For more information, see our dining room design guide.

Be inspired by Arredoclassic Collections: furnish your dining room with unique taste

Classic furniture is enchanting, in all its variations.

Intense nuances and classic hues, golden gleams and silver details, strong lines and soft silhouettes. These are the features that best describe our collections:

Let’s find out together the aesthetic features of each furnishing collection.


Download Arredoclassic Catalogues

Modigliani Collection: Neoclassic allure

A perfect colour and material balance reigns over the Modigliani Collection dining room. Every furnishing element is enhanced by the warm hues of walnut finishing, elegantly contrasting with elm veneer silk-screening, and completed by laboured gold leaf friezes and décors.

Precious details with a unique refined touch, decorating the front and the formal Empire style column on each piece of furniture. A dining room collection with a classic Italian allure, perfectly in line with the Neoclassic style, and extremely pleasing to the eye.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 2

Fantasia Dining room: where elegance and comfort are perfectly combined

In the Fantasia Dining Room modern meets ancient, thanks to the Neoclassic style references in the collection.

The ornamental pursuit is perfectly harmonized by the contrast between structural linearity and curves, just like in the table-sideboard combination. Elements such as the cabinet and the big mirror make the room brighter.

Elegance and comfort go hand in hand.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 3

Sinfonia’s baroque style

The Sinfonia Collection dining room is elegantly dynamic. Every piece of furniture fully embodies the essence and values of classic Italian design, which reaches its decorative peak with the Baroque style.

To pay tribute to the theatrical fusion of shapes and colours in the 17th Century - the Golden Age of Italian decorative tradition - table bases, mirror cymatia, and wall furniture doors are embellished with flower gilding and curvy spirals, in a classic and everlasting style.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 4

Aesthetic harmony in the Melodia dining room furniture

Everything is in perfect harmony and style in the Melodia dining room: a furniture collection where every element matches the Italian style that inspires all of Arredoclassic collections.

Every line, every detail and every gilding is designed and created with great care, in line with the highest quality standards, to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and a place to live to the fullest.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 5

Leonardo: the essence of classic Italian style

The Leonardo collection dining room gleams with intense gilding, providing an intense pleasant and welcoming sensation.

This collection features furniture designed to offer the pleasure of passing time in a stylish room to you and your guests, surrounded by the creativity and quality that only expert artisan can ensure and convey. A dining room made to be admired and to let you indulge in all the luxury you desire.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 6

Tiziano dining room: a dreamy atmosphere

Tiziano dining room shows the love for elegance and the utmost care for detail that makes classic Italian style so excellent.

Planes with bright lacquered ivory hues, silver leaf finish with sand-coloured reflections, and fine intense drawings make these pieces the best choice for anyone who wants a place where they can enjoy the pleasure of living in a classy environment.

Every detail confirms the exclusivity of a job well done: a process that entails an eye for detail that makes your living area unique.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 7

Donatello Collection: typical classic style sophistication

The Donatello Collection dining room has been designed to be a place of absolute beauty, perfect to celebrate the art of good living and hospitality that is rooted in the Italian culture and style.

Every detail, from handmade gilding on friezes and cymatia, to the décors that embellish semi-polished surfaces, is designed to please your eyes and those of your guests. Leaving a permanent beauty trail: this is the intent of the Donatello Collection.


Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 8

The unique class of the Liberty dining room

The class of the Liberty dining room never goes unnoticed: a clean and clear light makes the polished surfaces decorated with geometric frames glisten.

Choosing important details, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture friezes, makes the entire living area more regal and monumental in a sophisticated way, filling the eyes with the kind of beauty that only classical style can give.

Make your dining room more harmonious with Arredoclassic collections 9

Style, elegance and harmony: what you need to create the perfect atmosphere in your dining room

Passing time in an Arredoclassic dining room means living surrounded by a precious luxury environment, welcoming your guest in a place where the unique Italian comfort and elegance blend in a balanced combination.

Choose the furniture collection that best suits your personal aesthetic taste and transform your living room into an unmistakeably fine furniture scene.

Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style

September 16, 2019, 2:33 pm

 About 250 years ago, the genius of Canova captured the overwhelming passion of Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss in a world-renowned sculpture group, impressing the definition of Neoclassicism in the minds and hearts of art lovers.

Harmonious lines, sinuous elegance, balance and sophistication: even today, this is what any artwork inspired by the Neoclassical style embodies.

And what better way to furnish a master bedroom than using furniture inspired by this timeless style?

Neoclassical style furniture features elements arranged in the room in a classy and balanced way. Its soft and tasteful shapes and colours confirm its polished and sumptuous look.

When entering a Neoclassical-style room, we have to feel the perfect balance between decorative symmetry and intimate elegance.

Neoclassical décor is never rambunctious, rowdy or excessive. Its spirit is understated, yet determined.

To create a Neoclassical room, just follow these simple rules, to create a timeless and tasteful environment, just like Psyche and Cupid’s love passion, which still overwhelms anyone who gazes at it, while remaining trapped in the cold balance of its white marble.


Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style

Rules for a Neoclassical-style bedroom

  1. Balance between the different parts
  2. Framing the bed
  3. Fabrics and lightning

1. Balance between the different parts

The first rule of Neoclassicism is the concept of balance. The beauty and power of the Neoclassical style are reflected in the harmony of all its parts.

In this respect, we need to keep in mind that, in order to create a Neoclassical style master bedroom, we must avoid putting too many pieces of furniture in it.

Choose the essential furnishing for your bedroom. Here is a list of the main pieces of furniture that cannot be missing from a Neoclassical style bedroom:

  • King size bed: it must be elegant, massive and with soft sculpted décors
  • Two bed stands: they must frame the bed, without overshadowing its centrality
  • A closet: a must for the bedroom, in a stately and refined style
  • A coffee table with two armchairs: even though they are not required, they can add a touch of luxury and elegance, and they place the room in a timeless dimension

The entire room furniture must revolve around the bed. Always place the bed in the middle of the main wall (the wall that captures your gaze when you walk into the room) to attract attention to it. In Neoclassical style bedrooms, the bed must be the focal point, attracting the gaze of anyone who walks in.

Choosing the right bed and the right position is essential to create a Neoclassical style bedroom. The harmonious balance between the bedroom sections, the furniture and the décor depends on this focal point.


Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style 2

2. Framing the bed

Since the bed is the main element of your room, you could enhance it with some tasteful and non-trivial solutions.

Decorating the wall framing the bed frame, for instance, can be an essential Neoclassical style element. The curvy lines of stucco decorations or the elegant geometry of sober wallpaper can give a unique Neoclassical touch to your bedroom, without overdoing it.

Neoclassical style means precious shapes and placid spirit at the same time: don’t forget this essential rule when choosing each decorative element.

This does not mean you should give up luxury: it can emerge in all its might in shapes and materials.

The bed frame is generally rectangular, massive, and often made of a soft and padded fabric. Light cream, white or beige leather is ideal for the perfect Neoclassical style bed frame.


Download lighting design guide

3. Fabrics and lighting

To create a Neoclassical style bedroom, we will also use curtains, cushions, bedspreads, quilts and lamps of any kind.

Curtains must be big and they must frame the windows with plenty of heavy fabric. Choose curtains with intense colours (but not too bright). The same goes for the cushions and the bedspread. The curtains' decorative frame should not lessen the bedroom composure.

In general, curtains should be made of natural fabric. The same goes for the other decorating fabrics.

Fabrics such as velvet or cotton are ideal to cover soft cushions placed harmoniously against the bed frame. As mentioned above, the bed frame too can be made of a soft upholstered material. For both these elements, choose solid colours.

If you want to use a patterned fabric, make sure it’s not too excessive or messy.

Lighting is another essential element when creating a Neoclassical style bedroom. Lighting must be suitable for sleeping quarters and it must enhance the furniture; it must be soft, yet persistent.

Lamps can be used in abundance, making sure they are placed in an intelligent and balanced way.

You can place table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights strategically around the room.

When choosing the areas to illuminate, always follow common aesthetics: place your lamps to highlight central furnishing elements and unique décors.

Try to balance out the proportions even when you place the lamps in your room, and make sure that the lamp style chosen is a good match for the Neoclassical style.


Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style 3

Ideas for a luxury bedroom: colour palette

The bedroom furniture visual impact is essential. Indeed, the feelings inspired by colours affect our spatial perception. The bedroom should inspire resting and relaxing sensations, and a Neoclassical style bedroom should also amaze for its sophistication and elegance.

Try to choose intense colours (but not too bright), such as:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Light and dark brown
  • Peach or beige
  • Cream hues


Luxury master bedroom ideas: how to design it with an elegant neoclassical style 4

Neoclassical style bedroom: a synthesis of elegance and sobriety

While it’s true that a Neoclassical style bedroom is a luxury bedroom, it must not be excessively decorated. You can have a sober room, while still being classy and refined.

Once you have furnished your Neoclassical style bedroom let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere you created in this magical environment, where you’ll enjoy a luxurious privacy and relax with golden dreams.

The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections

September 6, 2019, 3:59 pm

 In any classical style furnishing setting, every element plays an essential role in creating the perfect atmosphere. For example, in the living room, sofas are what set out the functional and aesthetic profile of the room.

That’s why it is important to carefully select the seating you need to furnish this part of your living space.

This article includes some tips for recreating an elegant furnished setting, where you can discover the unmistakable class of our neoclassical sofas.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections

Be inspired by the elegance of neoclassical style sofas

One of the undeniable protagonists when it comes to living room furniture is most definitely the sofa.

If you are aiming to select seating to offer notable comfort and undeniable aesthetic results, why not let an elegant neoclassical sofa seduce you?

Take a look at the quality of the Arredoclassic Collection with its neoclassical designs, as well as furnishing ranges that include sofas of great class:

Let’s see the features in each collection.


The Fantasia living room range is a genuine symbol of the beauty and elegance that are typical of neoclassical taste.

Each furnishing element features bold squared lines, especially in the occasional tables and glass cabinets; friezes and motifs, as well as important decorative details that can be seen with a certain continuity throughout the collection, as well as finishing armchairs and sofas.

The stand-out features of the Fantasia sofa are its soft shape and fan-like design with central padding that give the seat its bold aesthetic impact.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 1


Every furnishing element in the Melodia living room range is linked by a fine stylistic, formal balance, made bolder using gold accents. On coffee tables, glass cabinets, armchairs and sofas. Friezes and gold-coloured feet add accent notes to seating with a seductive appeal.

Melodia sofas are able to combine comfort with elegance, in a synthesis of design that can boost the aesthetic value of your furnishings. The sofas in this collection present a “variation on a theme” that, as well as design, also includes a choice of covers ranging from simple looks to studded inserts that will not limit your desire to amaze.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 3


The furnishings in the Leonardo living room range are recognisable for their elegant volumes and for the fine details that characterise their refined shapes. The unmistakable nature of this prestigious collection is reflected in its sofas.

Extremely comfortable seats made in elegant fabrics, for excellent style with soft shapes and a prime-quality base that bring to mind the sinuous swirls of ancient capitals.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 4


Bright ivory and gold shades can enliven your living room with the Liberty Collection.

The Liberty sofa has neoclassical friezes, decorative motifs, detailing in gold and silver, and prestigious damask velvet fabrics, incorporating the sculptural presence of an element in perfect neoclassical style.

With their soft, rounded lines, the seating in the Liberty living range adds a touch of prestige to the collection.

Wide, welcoming seats for comfortable appeal that never misses out on bright details that, together with the gold motif on the base cornice, enhances the side arms.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 5

How to create the perfect neoclassical atmosphere in your living room

Neoclassical-style furniture can add new personality to your living room. An elegant image that is beautifully expressed in refined furnishing elements with prestigious detailing.

If you want to create your own neoclassical furnishing layout in detail, follow our 5 styling tips. This way you can create the perfect concept for your living room.


  1. Set out your colour scheme to suit the context
  2. Choose a wall covering in line with your concept
  3. Opt for elegant lighting solutions
  4. Select your furnishings decorated with friezes, coping and golden columns
  5. Complete your layout with sophisticated furnishing accessories and throw pillows

Let’s proceed in stages.


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1. Set out your colour scheme to suit the context

If you want to furnish your living room in perfect neoclassical style, it is essential to set out a colour scheme in line with the furnishing context.

Neoclassical furnishing solutions can be recognised by their soft, sober colour palette of creams, ivories, off-whites and gold and silver: colours that permeate through every item in the room, from the furniture to the tiniest of details.

2. Choose a wall covering in line with your concept

If you want to convey a sense of style uniformity in your neoclassical-style living room, we recommend opting for wallpaper with a neoclassical flavour, in line with the concept devised to furnish your living area.

For a more opulent image, choose wall coverings with motifs or arabesques with a bold design, able to evoke designs of columns and capitals.

If you prefer a more sober effect, choose plain wallpaper, considering the above when it comes to choosing your colour scheme.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 7

3. Opt for elegant lighting solutions

Decorative lighting has a central role to play in creating the perfect neoclassical atmosphere.

In this case, it is best to prefer lighting solutions with neoclassical designs and unmistakable elegant flavour.

To make a style statement, choose jewel lamps with pendants created in blown glass and crystal.

Otherwise, to light and decorate your room with a certain sombre touch, choose the elegant floor lamps to be positioned alongside armchairs and sofas, or select appliqué shades in cased or frosted blown glass with golden details.

4. Select your furnishings decorated with friezes, coping and golden columns

Details speak for themselves in neoclassical style. This is why you need to choose furnishings decorated with friezes, coping and golden columns.

Ornamental details with great decorative potential to enhance furniture pieces, boosting the overall image and effect.


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 8

5. Complete your layout with sophisticated furnishing accessories and throw pillows.

To complete your living room layout, position elegant furnishing accessories on occasional tables and glass cabinets, such as:

  • Vases finished with gilt detailing and bas-relief designs
  • Brass candelabras with gold or silver lacquered finish
  • Silver services
  • Porcelain, and hand painted decorative plates to display on glass cabinet shelves

And of course, don’t forget to show off your elegant neoclassical sofa to the full using decorative throw pillows in fine fabrics with precious detailing, such as:

  • Tassels
  • Cord trim
  • Double flounces
  • Buttons
  • Elaborate embroidery


The elegance of a neoclassical style sofa: The Arredoclassic collections 9

The elegance of neoclassical style sofa: a touch of unique taste for your living room

Creating a furnishing scenario with neoclassical charm means selecting furniture items with great class and elegance.

Opt for the timeless spirit of a sofa with a neoclassical feel to furnish your living room. Make an exclusive style statement and give a whole new image to your home.

Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room

August 7, 2019, 1:54 pm

 Are you redesigning your living room and looking to recreate an elegant space? Why not take a look at our countless classic furniture options?

From imperial to neoclassical style, classic furnishings are guaranteed to create a living room with a luxurious and elegant feel.

In this article, we focus on how to furnish your living room with Renaissance furniture to give it that wow factor. 


Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room 0

How to give your living room the wow factor with Renaissance furniture

If you’re looking to create a lavish, opulent atmosphere characterised by Renaissance furniture, there are a few important steps to follow.

We’ve come up with six style tips to help you create your dream Renaissance living room:

  1. Create a mood board

  2. Decorate the walls

  3. Upholster sofas, armchairs and ottomans in quality fabrics

  4. Opt for side tables and display cases with ornate decorative details

  5. Pay attention to decorative lighting

  6. Complete the space with decorative objects and accessories

Let’s focus on each individual point.

1. Create a mood board

In order to get off to the right start when designing your living room, it’s a good idea to create a personalised mood board. Mood boards are a very useful tool, both for you and for your interior designer, if you choose to collaborate with one.

A mood board is essentially a collage of ideas – a conceptual map consisting of words, drawings and images that depict colours, finishes and items of furniture. In short, it consists of visual inspirations for your interior design project.

By creating a mood board, you will immediately be able to establish the Renaissance-style look you want to create in your living room.

In this first key stage, it is essential to keep a few typical Renaissance features in mind, such as:

  • The colour palette

    Usually, Renaissance-style furnishings are fairly rich in colour, with a tonal balance that combines golden hues with warm, walnut tones. Choosing the right colour scheme at the beginning of your project is essential.

  • Decorative details on items of furniture

    If you want to truly enhance the visual appeal of your items of furniture, you need to focus on decorative details. We’re talking cymas, friezes, columns and carvings: small elements that emphasise the opulent charm of Renaissance style. 


Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room 1

2. Decorate the walls

Walls help to frame the entire composition. That's why it's very important to choose the right wallpaper from the get-go, as well as any patterns that might complement the space.

We recommend choosing neutral colours or, if you want to be bit more daring with elegant patterns, arabesques or Moorish decorations with golden tones that contrast with the background but complement the overall colour scheme you’ve chosen for the space.


Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room 2

3. Upholster sofas, armchairs and ottomans in quality fabrics

The selection of fabrics you choose to upholster your sofas, armchairs and poufs is vital. The consistency of fine fabrics and the seductive appeal of precious golden embroidery will make your living room really stand out.

Arredoclassic offers a wide selection of high-quality fabrics to upholster living room furniture, all of which can be personalised depending on your needs. The best fabrics for a Renaissance-inspired space include:

  • Velvet
  • Lampas
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Brocade
  • Damascus

These fabrics are also suitable for upholstering a sophisticated chaise longue, which is guaranteed to provide great comfort and elegance to your living room.


Download the dining room design guide!

4. Opt for coffee tables and display cases with elaborate decorative details

Renaissance-style items of furniture such as coffee tables and display cases should be adorned with elaborate decorative details, including columns, cornices, friezes and cymas.

These are essential accessories for any living room space as they provide a sense stylistic continuity with the rest of the room.


Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room 3

5. Pay attention to decorative lighting

Decorative lighting in a Renaissance-style living room should be romantic and warm. To obtain an impeccable final result, we recommend choosing large or majestic crystal chandeliers.

If you want to add some accent lighting or introduce a few focal points to your living room, opt for appliqué designs with frosted or layered glass and gold inserts.


Renaissance furniture: useful tips when designing your living room 4

6. Complete the space with decorative objects and accessories

To give a sense of completeness to the space, place valuable collector's items or handcrafted ornaments on tables and in display cases, such as:

  • Porcelain or hand-decorated ceramics;
  • Vases and dishes with elaborate decorations;
  • Silver serving dishes;
  • Crystal glasses.

Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly

July 15, 2019, 4:58 pm

 When it comes to spaces decorated in a classic style, it’s all about channelling innate elegance and timeless spirit into every item of furniture, and in order to do so, attention to detail is key.

When it comes to classic living rooms, the details speak for themselves. We’re talking about those small ornamental and decorative touches that make each piece of furniture unique.

In this article, we reveal a few decorative tips to help turn your living room into a space that simply oozes elegance.


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly

Classic Italian living rooms: 7 ideas for a unique style

In order to ensure your space is carefully curated, you need to pay attention to every last detail.

Below are 7 ideas for creating an elegant, classic living room space:

  1. Be sure to choose wallpaper that matches your design concept

  2. Choose high-quality fabrics to upholster chairs and cushions

  3. Go for fine details and finishes when it comes to sofas, armchairs and cushions
  4. Add classic lamps and chandeliers with precious details
  5. Lay a well-crafted soft rug or carpet with refined embroidery
  6. Finish the look with a few classic accessories
  7. Hang ornate mirrors and picture frames on the wall

Let’s take a look at each individual step.

1. Be sure to choose wallpaper that matches your design concept

Creating a sense of harmony and stylistic continuity is vital, especially when it comes to classic living room spaces.

In order to create an elegant and understated look, we recommend choosing a wallpaper that perfectly matches the colour palette you have chosen for the rest of the space.

If you have decided to decorate your living room in shades of silver and ivory, or hues of walnut and gold, try to stick to the colour theme.

For example, you could opt for a wallpaper featuring arabesques or golden and silver swirls on a beige or cream background.


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly 1

2. Choose high-quality fabrics to upholster chairs and cushions

Select the best fabrics to upholster chairs and cushions in your living room. We recommended opting for high-quality fabrics, such as:

  • Velvet
  • Lampas
  • Wool and linen
  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Brocade
  • Damascus

Any one of these fabrics will help to perfectly create a luxurious, majestic living room atmosphere with classic charm.


Download the dining room design guide!

3. Go for fine details and finishes when it comes to sofas, armchairs and cushions

Make sure that your textiles and fabrics stimulate the eyes and hands. In order to do so, we recommend opting for fine details and finishes, such as:

  • Gold or silver embroidery
  • Tassels, ribbons, fringes and cord
  • Gold or silver jewelled buttons

In addition to enhancing seating areas and cushions, these details will also bring added decorative value to the room as a whole.


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly 2

4. Add classic lamps and chandeliers with precious details

Lighting plays a key role in any room, and ensuring your lamps feature ornate decorations is vital.

Enhance your living room’s aesthetic character with classic chandeliers and lamps, making sure to personalise them with precious decorative accessories, such as crystal or cased glass pendants, pearls and silk tassels.


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly 3

5. Lay a well-crafted soft rug or carpet with refined embroidery

Include a carpet or rug to help decorate your living room. Both solutions will combine comfort and elegance in equal measure. In order to help you make a decision, we’ve created a list of potential rug and carpet options:

  • Tufted rugs: made from a fabric base which is then knotted using natural or artificial textile fibres
  • Persian rugs: characterised by a unique hand-knotting process and a large number of knots
  • Pakistani rugs: made using an open-knot technique that creates changing colour tones. Pakistani rugs are traditionally red
  • Chinese rugs: characterised by two styles: traditionally crafted pieces or more modern productions. Traditional Chinese rugs are fairly thick, due to larger knots, while most modern rugs are knotted using an asymmetrical technique

As for carpets, we recommend choosing one of the following:

  • Bouclé: a type of carpet with a soft and comfortable texture, ideal for your living room
  • Velour: the most valuable carpet material out there. Soft and velvety, suitable for open spaces and rooms used to host guests


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly 4


6. Finish the look with a few classic accessories (vases, ceramics, porcelain)

In order to give your living room furniture a finished look, we recommend pairing it with a few decorative crystal pieces, as well as silverware, vases, porcelain and ceramics, in-keeping with the classic style.

Arrange the accessories where you see fit: in a display case or on side tables to accentuate visual appeal.

7. Hang ornate mirrors and picture frames on the wall

Finally, hang frames and mirrors embellished with gold or silver leaf on the walls in your living room.

Mirrored reflections will help to showcase ornate carvings on your chosen frames.


Classic Italian living room style: how to decorate a space elegantly 5

Classic Italian living room style: details make all the difference

In this article, we have compiled a list of the decorative details that deserve special attention.

Precious details will help to accentuate the prestige and elegance of your living room, allowing you to enhance the space and turn it into a room with inimitable taste, in true classical style.

Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics

July 9, 2019, 12:57 pm

 When it comes to dining room furniture, every stylistic feature warrants meticulous attention to detail. The elegance and beauty of Italian style is often reflected in individual decorative details and fine upholstery fabrics.

In this article, we focus on how to choose the best upholstery fabrics for your dining room chairs, and the aesthetic characteristics of each one.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics

How to choose the best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: 3 useful tips

In order to select the finest fabrics for your dining room, we recommend taking a few key factors into consideration.

We have compiled a list of three useful tips to help you make the best stylistic choices:

  1. Think about the design concept you’ve chosen for your dining room
  2. Choose materials with a stimulating texture
  3. Opt for fabrics that match your dining room’s colour palette

Let’s take a look at each tip in more detail.

1. Think about the design concept you’ve chosen for your living room

This first step is fairly decisive when selecting the best upholstery fabrics for your dining room chairs.

Certain fabrics are more suited to classic furnishings, while other materials, patterns and prints are more suited to a contemporary look.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 1

2. Choose materials with a stimulating texture

Visual impact and tactile perception are the two key features of high-quality fabrics that are best suited to luxurious and stylish dining rooms.

In addition to upholstering and decorating your dining room chairs, the materials you choose need to seduce the senses.

3. Opt for fabrics that match your dining room’s colour palette

When it comes to choosing a fabric to upholster your dining room chairs, it's also important to follow the colour scheme used to define the entire room.

Select precious fabrics that go perfectly with the other items of furniture in your dining room.

If you’re looking to add a touch of contrast, make sure to choose colours and shades that aren’t too bright, making sure to choose sophisticated colours instead.


Download the dining room design guide!

A selection of the best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs

We recommend keeping our suggestions in mind when selecting the best upholstery fabrics for your dining room chairs.

Some of the most valuable and suitable fabrics for creating an up-market atmosphere included:


A soft and inviting texture that envelops the hand and excites the senses.

In addition to giving your chairs a luxurious and refined appearance, velvet catches the eye thanks to its shimmery reflections and deep, rich colours.

Try to imagine your dining room furnished with damask velvet chairs, adorned with precious golden or silver embroidery. The entire look is guaranteed to be extremely elegant and luxurious.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 3


Similar to brocade, lampas can give upholstered furnishings a fresh look, emphasising their aesthetic appeal.

Two warps and numerous wefts are used to process this particular fabric, which means that that its unembroidered side, covered in a tangled web of threads, makes it instantly recognisable.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 4

Wool and linen

These natural materials give chairs an understated yet elegant appearance, as well as a certain lightness and warmth.


A natural fibre suitable for upholstering dining room chairs: high-quality, "fresh" and soft to the touch. The most valuable cotton is called ‘Sea Island’ cotton, due to its long silky fibres, which are used to make incredibly refined fabrics.

Available in block colours or a variety of different patterns, cotton is stylistically versatile, as well as understated and essential.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 5


Chairs upholstered in satin sparkle with a refined lustre and seductive shimmer. Satin is a uniformly woven fabric that is extremely shiny and smooth to the touch.

Available in block colours or in a range of precious, embroidered prints, satin can adapt to any look: from classic style to contemporary charm.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 6


Brocade is a fabric of unquestionable value. It tends to have a smooth or textured surface with an intricate texture that includes inlays and threads that create curved golden or silver designs, or embroidery in relief.

These designs include arabesques, swirls, floral patterns and even linear patterns suitable for contemporary furniture.


Bewitching shine and a unique texture: two distinctive features that really set damask apart from satin.

The main difference between these two fabrics is that only the brightest side of satin can be displayed, while both sides of damask fabric are processed equally.

Chairs upholstered in damask fabrics are guaranteed to give a refined and opulent touch to your entire dining set.


Best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: discover the finest fabrics 7


The best upholstery fabrics for dining room chairs: a unique touch of elegance

In this brief overview, we’ve taken a closer look at the aesthetic characteristics of fine fabrics, which are perfect for adding a touch of class to your dining room chairs.

Choose the materials that best satisfy your stylistic tastes and work well with the furnishing concept you’ve chosen for your dining room.

Arredoclassic has a fantastic range of fabrics for upholstering dining room chairs. 

Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs?

July 2, 2019, 12:06 pm

 In order to furnish your luxury bedroom in the best way possible, you should opt for a classy design concept that truly expresses the beauty and elegance of Italian style.

Closets play an important role in any bedroom, which is why it’s important to choose an elegant design with a few precious details.

In this article, we focus on how to choose the closet that best suits your style. We’ve selected eight luxury bedroom closet ideas, which we take a look at in more detail below.


Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs?

Luxury bedroom closet ideas: how to choose the right one for your needs

Choosing the right closet for your bedroom really depends on your functional and aesthetic needs. Below, we focus on a few luxury bedroom closet ideas that are both elegant and sophisticated:

Let’s take a closer look at each individual model.

The Liberty closet: the essence of neoclassical style

A golden Greek motif elegantly frames the Liberty closet: a typical neoclassical piece with a majestic presence, guaranteed to take centre stage in any luxury bedroom space.

The larger model comes with a grand mirror set into its doors, featuring the Arredoclassic brand logo at its centre, while golden floral motifs adorn the closet’s ivory-coloured doors and corners, contrasting with two silver columns topped with gold leaf capitals.

The smaller model comes with the same decorative details and a more petite mirror. But be it big or small, this closet is guaranteed to ooze ethereal charm.


Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs? 1

The Donatello closet: Renaissance style in all its splendour

Whichever model you choose, the Donatello closet exudes a sense of balance and refined decor, with a composed feel that perfectly embodies true Renaissance style.

In fact, curved acanthus leaves soften the closet’s more imposing overall feel, while golden details blend perfectly with its warm, walnut finish.

The closet’s side and top sections – which are adorned with curved gold leaf details – go hand-in-hand with two slender side columns, creating a seductive and harmonious feel.



The Sinfonia closet: classic baroque charm

The Sinfonia closet is all about classic baroque charm. This particular closet features elegant contrasting screen prints, which are brilliantly paired with a statement gold-leaf frieze housed above the central door, whose curved shape mimics that of the closet’s two side capitals.

Every single detail has been designed to make your bedroom shine with luxury and opulence, just like a noble palace. This closet really is a priceless treasure chest in a classic Italian style.


luxury-bedroom-closet-ideas-3 (1)

The Melodia closet: neoclassical elegance

The Melodia closet is all about harmonious shapes and colours. This item of furniture has unmistakable neoclassical elegance and is guaranteed to stand proudly in any luxury bedroom setting.

This slender closet is framed by golden curves that flow into clean-cut columns. A fresh overall design that’s livened up by intricate details, such as the frieze running along the top of the central door and two statement golden handles.


Diamante Closet

The Diamante closet: luxury contemporary style

The Diamante closet's well-defined shape is remarkably understated.

Fine, golden details are interposed with a contrasting dark elm frame and ivory door panels, which feature two elegant triangles housed in a central panel.

Golden triangles represent a recurring theme in the Diamante Collection, which aims to reinterpret the canons of classic Italian style in a modern key.


Download the dining room design guide!

The Leonardo closet: a neoclassical feel

The Leonardo closet's most striking feature is the combination of different shapes, which characterise its overall design.

In fact, the closet’s central mirrored doors dominate the overall piece, while maintaining stylistic harmony thanks to a range of unifying neoclassical details.

Golden Greek motifs frame the closet as a whole, while sections of varying dimensions are paired with curved gold leaf detailing for an intriguing look.


Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs? 6

The Tiziano closet: graceful Florentine style

Soft, curved lines dominate the Tiziano closet, a Florentine-inspired item of furniture with considerable appeal, designed to furnish your dream bedroom and turn it into a fairy-tale setting.

The central cymatium section emits a silvery light that goes perfectly with the surrounding soft, cream-coloured closet. Serigraphs adorn a few key areas, guaranteed to seduce any admirer.


Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs? 7


The Fantasia closet: typical neoclassical beauty

The Fantasia closet exudes a typical neoclassical sense of beauty. The mirror’s central gold detailing expresses a bold and innovative style that remains in perfect harmony with the closet’s decorative details and muted tones.

This elegant and refined closet is enhanced by two central handles set into a large mirror. Its spectacular F-shaped handles are a reference to the collection’s overarching theme, "Fantasia.” A term that’s all about creativity, while remaining closely connected to the dictates of classic Italian style, which the Arredoclassic brand fully embraces.


Luxury bedroom closet ideas: which one is right for your needs? 8

Be inspired by our luxury bedroom closet ideas

In this article, we’ve spoken a bit about individual features. All that’s left to do is choose the closet that best suits your needs.

Be taken in by alluring details and let yourself be carried away by the elegance of design.

Choose the closet that best suits your storage needs (be it a smaller or larger closet) and sense of style.


Download the dining room design guide!

Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know

June 24, 2019, 10:55 am

 In any variation, classical style expresses a careful search for perfection, attention to detail and a love of elegance. Every room in the house needs its own atmosphere, a distinctive aesthetic hallmark that will express your preferences when it comes to decorating and furnishings.

This article will take a look at the living room, analysing the different furnishing concepts devised to give a classy look to this specific area of the home. The ideal way to make a style statement.

If you want to create a refined furnishing layout, inspired by classic style, then first of all, you need to draw up a detailed list of classic furnishing styles for living rooms that can suit this area of your home.


Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 1

10 classic living room styles: decor ideas to create an elegant atmosphere

Over time, classic tastes have taken on a new style identity to respond to and increasing range of different demands.

That’s why, to make a specific choice that will satisfy your sense of aesthetics, you should take a look at all of the classic furnishing styles for the living room.

Specifically, we will be looking at:

  1. Chippendale
  2. Neo-classical
  3. Regency
  4. Baroque
  5. Empire
  6. Biedermeier
  7. Renaissance
  8. Liberty
  9. Art Deco
  10. Colonial


Let’s take a look at the specific characteristics of each living room furnishing style.

1. Chippendale

Elaborate, rich, and elegant. These are the terms that best describe this style of furnishings that takes its name from a furniture maker from Worcester. Furniture in Chippendale style is the result of a perfect combination between gothic, rococo, with style influences from Chinese design.

The furnishings that best encompass the characteristics of this style are imposing wardrobes, chairs with a gothic inspiration, scallops, and inlaid tables, made in cherry, mahogany and walnut.


Download our home furnishing style guide!

2. Neo-classical

Neo-classical style is a genuine reference to the ancient splendours of Rome and Greece. In fact, friezes with gilt decorations and columns with elaborate designs are a frequently recurring theme in neo-classical collections.

Gold and silver embroidery is also typical of this style, as is fine detailing, interspersed with the consistency of damask velvet and precious fabrics.

Ivory, beige and walnut are the tones of furniture in Neo-classical style: these furnishing elements are sometimes characterised by curved lines and other arched sections with gentler curves. Whatever the design, this style is perfect for adding an innate sense of class to your living room.


Italian-classicClassic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 2-furniture-company-leonardo-living-room

3. Regency

Regency style is an aesthetic theme with English origins. It developed between the late 1700s and the early 1800s. Regency style furniture implies the use of pieces with sculpted designs: tables with flat surfaces, chairs with slender legs, and clean lines made in mahogany and ebony with veneer in rosewood, a type of wood that offers finishes in surprising colours.

4. Baroque

Majestic, dramatic baroque style shows a total attention to detail. In fact, baroque furniture is recognisable for its wealth of detailing, gleaming gold friezes in gold leaf, and for the typical warm tones of mahogany and ebony.

Contrasting screen printing on occasional tables, elaborate coping along the backs of sofas, and ornamental, curved designs for the arms. Every feature has great visual appeal, making each piece a genuine furnishing jewel.

In spite of the elaborate decorations, baroque compositions have a gently symmetrical balance that harmoniously integrates each element.


Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 3

5. Empire

Empire style developed in the period of Napoleon and has become established as one of the most appreciated, popular styles in classical furnishing designs.

Typical of this particular design are tables that have a central foot with large, square profile, enhanced with columns and gold detailing; armchairs and sofas share the same design styles with wide seats and backs, and arms of the same height, for a balanced combination of exclusive lines and softness.

If you want to create a sumptuously furnished atmosphere, choose a furnishing line in Empire style with shades of walnut and elm veneer, created with materials that offer an excellent aesthetic results together with prime quality fabrics.


Download our home furnishing style guide!

6. Biedermeier

Biedermeier style was established in the early 1800s and has a sober, essential aesthetic compared to other trends. Unlike Empire style, for example, this type of design has completely eliminated frills, to focus on a more linear, formal design.

The shared characteristics of furnishings in Biedermeier style are their curves, geometric shapes and frequent use of oak, red beech and walnut, types that are recognisable from their unmistakable textures.

7. Renaissance

The first furnishing items with a perfect Renaissance aesthetic were made in Italy in the 15th century. Furniture that complies with the canons of this style can be recognised for their strong architectural sense and notable dramatic presence.

In general, Renaissance style furnishing elements present decorative features that are carved into the surface of the wood (walnut or chestnut), such as columns, pediments, and cornices, but they also have precious decorative features. The glimmer of detailing in gold leaf and the deep tones of the walnut finishes are a perfect pairing and match the linear designs of each item with their imposing profiles.


Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 4

8. Liberty

Liberty style, also known as Art Nouveau, dates back to the beginning of the Belle Epoque and is one of the most popular, fashionable classical styles for living room furniture. The furniture pieces with their unmistakable curved design have a light, elegant profile, enhanced by floral decorations in bas relief.

Sofas covered in premium, gold- and silver-embroidered fabrics, occasional tables with detailed inlays are the very essence of Liberty style and permeate each complementary item, giving the atmosphere in the living room a strong sense of luxury and class.


Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 5

9. Art Deco

Art Deco furnishings are easily recognised by their unmistakable geometric shape which characterises their whole aesthetic. It is a design that brings together furnishing elements of a widely appreciated style genre, widely appreciated for its elegance and formal balance.

Furniture with an elm finish, enhanced by ornamental details, straight lines and curves come together on each piece, together with fine upholstery and fabrics, used to cover sofas, daybeds, and chairs of different types.


Classic living room styles: 10 things you need to know 6

10. Colonial

Furniture in Colonial style developed between the 1500s and 1800s. These pieces are made in oak, pine, walnut and cherry and they have an aesthetically elegant, light profile. Gentle curves and linear sections merge seamlessly in a simple, balanced design.

Classic living room styles: how to furnish your space with unique taste

Now you know about the different features of classic living room styles, all you need to do is make your choice.

Select a style that represents you and create the perfect space, where aesthetics and conviviality come together to create a pleasing, welcoming climate in a well-cared-for environment with an elegant flavour.